Monday, 17 September 2007

Autumnal Adventures...

WOW…Canada is a seriously stunning country for me to see…it’s magnificent…we’re driving out west and are constantly met with glorious views of huge lakes and magical forests…I find it especially beautiful to see the trees starting to turn red/orange/pink/yellow for autumn – it’s amazing to see the way just a part of a tree is suddenly crimson, when the rest is still green…and it’s all just as I imagined Canada to be when I was a child – pristine air, vast tracts of land with no people/settlements to be seen, tree-fringed expanses of beautiful blue water…ahhhhhhh…it’s blissful ;) I find that my entire body instantly relaxes being out in open, gorgeous scenery like this…the tiny towns we stop in seem so friendly and gentle too…I think back to the manic-feeling hustle-and-bustle of central London for example that we were experiencing just a few weeks back and wonder why I ever subject myself to that kind of atmosphere…I feel SO much freer and happier out in places like this, with less ‘brain fuzz’ going on…cities look more and more like bubbles of insane distraction-based misery to me…LOL…gimme a piece of land to grow food on, a yurt, some trees, water, a rebounder and…a juicer and I’ll be delighted… ;)

on September the 15th I had:

1.2 litres water
400ml kombucha
600ml green smoothie – mango, banana, sunflower/buckwheat greens, green powder
cacophony of raw pie pieces/desserts at the Simply Raw festival
2 litres water

I’ve been driving a bit the last couple of days. Well…quite a LOT actually, for me…I’ve driven about 5 hours since we started out westwards…and I’m enjoying it…I am not at all accustomed to driving a car. Riding a bike is much more my style. In fact, driving is smthg I’ve had major issues with in my life – I never wanted to learn to drive, it took me hours of lessons and three times to pass the test and then after I did pass (over 10 years ago now), I drove only a handful of times, then basically stopped…I had an ENORMOUS fear/mental block that this was something I ‘couldn’t do’. Well…it seems I can ;) LOL…and in fact, it feels immensely empowering for me, after so many years of fear-based thinking about this…logically of course I always looked at other people and saw that most of them seemed to drive, so surely I could manage it too and YET…actually doing it seemed very scary. So, while I do not particularly wish to advocate driving cars/using petrol/adding to pollution and so on…I will note that for this one individual, on her little current path in life, this has been a welcome little breakthrough from old patterns/beliefs the last few days and for that I am grateful…

on September the 16th I had:

1 litre water
400ml green juice with loads of sprouts in it
400ml kombucha
500ml green juice
sprouts, nori rolls, tomato and spirulina flax crackers, followed by yummy bliss balls and a few durian pods
1.5 litres water
3 apples with mulberries, sunflower greens and hemp seeds
1 litre water

GUESS WHAT...there’s now an actual Thyroid Epicenter on the RawReform Store…I get many questions about thyroid issues, as hypothyroidism was what triggered my weight gain initially, at the age of 11 and since going raw, I have come off all allopathic medicine and my thyroid is totally naturally balanced with a raw food lifestyle and plenty of seaweed ;) The new Thyroid Epicenter has been created to group together in one place all those products which are supportive to people dealing with thyroid issues. My book ‘Revealing the Physical Changes’ has a whole section on thyroid disorders and how to support the gland naturally – now this part of the store will give you easy access to Thyroid-friendly yummies…see it all HERE and ENJOY ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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