Sunday, 2 September 2007

Saturn and Cracao Controversies...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK....Saturn moved out of Leo and into Virgo today…and so begin-eth my personal Saturn Return...hooooold on... ;)
Saturn moves into a new sign about every two and a half years and starts to turn its spotlight onto a different part of our being…so, we’re heading now from a focus on ‘personal’/leadership/creative issues to ‘transpersonal’/service/healing…
Master Astrologer Julian Venables says about Saturn:
“It’s the planet that shows us where through effort, hard work and responsibility we gain personal or worldly success. Saturn’s central function is that of making us adults (whatever actual age you are) by assigning us with emotional responsibilities that bring about maturation. Virgo is the sign of analysis and perfection, as well as being linked to health, work and service.”
He makes this exciting prediction for the coming years:
“Alternative and holistic health may be given more form and structure. Personal health issues will also feature big with further critical research into the quality of food products available to consumers. The concept behind ‘dieting’ fads may start to be replaced with learning about nutrition and balanced diets.”
To read more about how Saturn is likely to affect YOUR path, see HERE...

On September the 1st I had:

1.5 litres water
600ml warm water with lemon
400ml orange/grapefruit juice
500ml green juice
slice of watermelon
little bowl of avocado blended with banana, swirled with sprouts, maca and pumpkin seeds
500ml water
water of a young coconut
300ml hemp/mango/peach smoothie
plate of marvellous Raw Greek creations
slice of exquisite lemon/cinnamon cheesecake
cracao bliss balls from Conscious Chocolate
1 litre water

I spoke yesterday at the wonderful Festival of Life in London – FUN :) WOW…it feels like a huge family gathering to me – reconnecting with many of the magical light workers here in the UK…people selling yummy treats and beautiful clothes and amazing, loved-up, handmade products…mmmmmmm…I spoke to a packed little room of yummies – thanks to all of you who came along for it and apologies to those who were turned away due to lack of space – I didn’t realise – I’m sure we could’ve squeezed you in somewhere ;) ahhh, well…next year perhaps…or sometime sooner – we had quite a lot of requests to hold a retreat here in the UK in the near future, which sounds fun…so…keep your eyes open for news of that, or if you have a venue you’d love to suggest/offer for such an event, do please let us know – ;)

on September the 2nd I had:

1.5 litres water
500ml rooibos tea
juice of one Satsuma
double shot of barleygrass
500ml spinach/celery/parsely/carrot juice
1 little cube of raw halvah
1.5 durians
2 litres water

OOOooooo, Mr Brian Self just published a VERY interesting article all about the effects of cacoa/raw chocolate – yeeeeeeeee-HAH ;) He draws on Native American tradition and writes about how this powerful food is a ‘medicine’ rather than a staple ‘food’. He explores the emotional and alchemical aspects of the brown stuff – the stimulating action, the alkaloids, the effect on the adrenals, the impact it can have on mood swings/balance and more…he quotes a Native American friend of his as saying “When we eat chocolate it is always after a meal or ceremony, it is not the meal and is used with great honor and respect." I’d highly recommend taking a look through this article HERE – I find it very well-written and balanced – so much of this ‘rarely mentioned’ info resonates for me…I love having some ‘cracao’ every now and then – for me it’s definitely like a stimulant/’party’ food though - not a daily staple… Thanks for sharing Brian ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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