Monday, 3 September 2007

Blog Invasion

Oh Yes!!!! Finally! WA! HA! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Angela left her blog window open.

Ladies and Gentlemen… Matt Monarch Here!!!

Hello Everybody!!!

Today Angela ate:

- 2 pounds of unripe fig skins (her tongue, lips, and gums started to bleed)
- 32 ounces of strained brine from sauerkraut with a tablespoon of Celtic sea salt and 4 ounces of lemon juice (that didn’t go over too well with her RAW figged-out mouth)
- 1 large red onion (she ate it like an apple)
- 32 ounces of straight ginger juice with 6 tablespoons of cayenne pepper mixed in
- 1 pomegranate seed

Sometimes when I am doing a talk I naturally start to talk about our “relationship” and how much I LOVE that woman. If Angela is with me when this happens, at the end, I ask her if she was all right with that. She says, “sure, but I don’t think they really want to hear about that though.” Judging by how the audience’s smiles light up the room like sunshine, I think it’s a good thing.

I am already going to be up SH!^$ Creek so here we go.

Just about 2 years ago (My 5.5 year mark of 100% Raw) I got an email from a Lovely Lady named Angela Stokes. This email enquired if I would be interested in carrying her wonderful E-books on my website. Rolling my eyes, I clicked the link to her website. The website opened up and I saw a picture of her for the first time ever.

Have you ever seen Bugs Bunny looking at the “HOT Bunny Chick”? Well, this is what happened to me. My jaw dropped to the ground, my eyes popped out of their sockets about 3 feet in front of me, my heart FLEW throbbing to Pluto and back numerous times, as my tongue lied on the cement drooling all over the pavement.

Containing my self, confidently I say, “Well yes Angela, I would love to carry your ebooks on my website.”

She didn’t think anything of it at first. One email turned into many, which curled into an abundance of loving energetic vibrations like flawless shimmering diamonds flying throughout the universe.

Before you knew it, I asked her to come to California and do a lecture tour with me. She did. When we met eye to eye for the first time at the airport, there was something beyond belief about our connection. It was as if I was a child meeting someone without any energetic disturbance. It was pure, unsophisticated… It was home.

The next many months flew by as we would sit on my couch gazing into each others’ eyes for hours upon hours reaching heights of bliss and love as we evolved (or as Angela would say “shifted”) spiritually to unimaginable heights.

“You’re a Fool!” would be common words emanating from this Beautiful Angelic Goddess of a being. I was younger, up and coming, loved to date, and I was pretty much a fool. Continuous dating of other people from both of our sides brought much pain in our beings. Little did I know that the misery I was experiencing was my jealousy and the fact that I was IN LOVE with Angela.

To make a long story short, Angela finally left me and went to Costa Rica for over 3 ~!LONG!~ heart-wearing months and did a 92 day Juice Feast. At the end of her 92 day Juice Feast, I had to pick a friend up from the airport and it just happened to be that Angela was arriving in the same airport 30 minutes earlier. I was magnetized to the arriving terminal of Angela Stokes. I looked up the escalator shaft and there she was!

So, HAVE you ever seen Bugs Bunny looking at the “HOT Bunny Chick”? Well, this is what happened to me. My jaw dropped to the ground, my eyes popped out of their sockets about 3 feet in front of me, my heart FLEW throbbing to Pluto and back numerous times, as my tongue lied on the cement drooling all over the pavement.

Not only did she look “model-like” gorgeous from doing a 92 day Juice Feast but something had shifted in her being. When you do a tremendous fast, such as only consuming liquid for 92 days, massive spiritual growth will inevitably occur. Many lingering negative energies that Angela picked up from being Morbidly Obese, dropped from her being.

Ever since that moment I saw her coming down the escalator in the airport, I dedicated my life to her. Luckily… LUCKILY!!!… She took me back in her arms. Before Angela did her Juice Feast she was already a spiritually progressed being. NOW, I can’t get away with any juvenile actions. I am just holding on to her curtails as we spiritually grow together. I either grow or I will be left behind.

I can’t express how lucky I am to have this Delectable Raw Goddess in my life. When I look at her sleeping, my heart stops, I can’t breathe, as my aching being hungers to put my lips against her skin. I am and will always be in Love with Angela Stokes.

Ok, my friends! I leave you with this…
The 100% Raw Food Diet is like going on a Life-Long Fast

The reason why fasting is so cleansing is because you are leaving everything out of your diet. The reason why the 100% Raw Food Diet is so cleansing is because you are leaving everything out of your diet but Raw Foods.

Most people assume that all the old waste from previous years of poor eating leaves their cells within a few short months on a 100% Raw Diet. While it is true that a great amount of toxins are eliminated relatively quickly, the surprising fact is that you are going to detox old waste for the rest of your life! In fact, it is only after many decades being Raw, that you may finally be ready to purge concentrated toxic material passed on to you from your ancestors. We did not get into our current state of toxicity and tolerance overnight, and we will not be magically transported into purity overnight either.

I have been detoxing for 8 years now! Angela 5 years! Dr. Fred Bisci 40 years!!!

There is a direct correlation with how much one detoxes and how sensitive they are. My new book Raw Success: The Key to 100% Raw Vegan Longevity, will provide scientific information detailing these concept and give you a deep understanding of how to succeed with a 100% Raw Food Lifestyle.


  1. LOVELY LOVELY POST!!!! So fun to read :) Thank you for sharing.


    Kristen Suzanne

  2. that was sooooo beautiful! angela thanks for opening your blog to matt, it was lovely seeing what wonderful things he had to say about you! I am a big fan and have been inspired by you both!

  3. I'll have what you guys are having ;)

  4. Thank you soooo much for sharing the "details" of your meeting and coming together. What a beautiful journey the two of you have already shared just coming together. It is such a blessing to be with that one who completes us and makes us whole who we know, with no doubt, we can and will spend the rest of our life with. Peace and Blessings to you both.

  5. Once out of limerance (look this word up) then you will like some Osho wisdom... : )
    Love: A Natural Kind of Meditation

    How can people turn the human phenomenon of falling in love into a meditation?

    It is the easiest way. In human life, love is the closest phenomenon to meditation. The moment you fall in love with someone, what actually happens? What transpires between those two who have fallen in love with each other? They drop their egos ¯ at least for each other. They drop their hypocrisies, their masks. They want to be together, almost one soul within two bodies. That's the desire of love.

    And this is a beautiful moment to change it into a meditation. Just nobody has ever told them. In fact, just the opposite has been told to them: that love is against meditation, so people who are falling in love can never become meditators.

    The same people who make celibacy spiritual make love unspiritual, something dirty, condemned. But to me things are totally different. Love helps you to relax, which is part of meditation. Love helps you to be joyous, which is part of meditation. Love helps you, for a few moments at least, to be silent, which is the essential part of meditation. And finally, making love, if you attain to an orgasmic experience, gives you a glimpse of what meditation is, but it is millions of times more than this.

    So to me, love is a basic experience which can help you to become meditators.

    The old religions have been preventing it, and they have been preventing it for a certain reason. If people can transform their love into meditation, then the priests and the churches and the synagogues are no more needed, then people are totally free. No spiritual leadership is needed. And there are millions of priests around the world, like parasites on humanity. And naturally they will give you wrong ideas, against love, and they will give you ideas for meditation, but because you don't have the basic experience....

    Love is just like when you enter into a swimming pool, step by step you are going into deeper water. Then the floor of the swimming pool is divided in two parts, one for those who cannot swim, so the water is up to your neck, and then the second part for those who can swim.

    But those who want to learn swimming have to learn in the first part, which is not for swimmers. They have to learn it there. Once they have learned, then slowly they will gather courage and enter into deeper water, because for a swimmer it does not matter how deep the water is; the swimmer is always on the surface. The water may be a hundred feet deep, five hundred feet deep, or five miles deep, it makes no difference to the swimmer. It makes a difference only to the non-swimmer. Beyond five feet, everything is death. But the swimming pool is one ¯ shallow, deep ¯ it is one. And the boundary line is only a line until you learn to swim.

    To me, love and meditation are just like that. Love is the shallow space in a swimming pool, for those who cannot meditate. But that is the place to learn meditation. And it is the same pool, it is the same water, it is the same kind of phenomenon. You are just unable to go deeper because you have been made afraid even to enter into it. The shallow part has been condemned, and you have been told to jump into the deeper part without knowing how to swim.

    So they disturbed your love life by condemnation and they disturbed your meditative life by sheer strategy: because you don't know swimming, you cannot go so deep.

    And you don't have any experience of silence, peace, sheer joy, a little bit of ecstasy, something orgasmic ¯ these will give you the hints how meditation is not a myth.

    You have tasted it a little bit. It is the same energy field, just you have to go deeper into it.

    What actually happens when one couple moves into the realm of orgasmic experience? What actually happens? Every point has to be understood. Time stops. For a moment the pendulum does not move, and that single moment seems to be almost eternity. The two persons are no more two ¯ for a moment. They have melted into each other. There is no thought in the mind, for a moment. It is all empty and silent, and these are the things which have to be deepened in meditation.

    And once you have tasted them, you will be surprised that it does not depend on the other person. Something happens within you. Something happens within the other person. But it is not dependent. If you can sit silently, if you can manage, by watching your thoughts, to bring a gap, a stop, you will suddenly see time has stopped again. And now it is in your hands, not in the hands of biology. You can keep this time stopped as long as you want. And once you know the secret key....

    The key is: no thoughts, no ego, no time ¯ you just are.

    That's why I have never been against love. I have been much condemned for it, naturally, because I was cutting the very roots of the business of all the religions.

    Every religion is against me. Their profession depends on condemning love and praising meditation. They know you cannot attain to meditation, and they know now your love is condemned, it is a sin. You will never experience any orgasmic phenomenon, so meditation will remain just a philosophy, and your life will remain loveless, angry, full of rage, ready to explode at any excuse. Because where will your energy go?

    It could have become peace, silence, joy, blissfulness. You did not allow it to become that. That repressed energy turns into poison. That's why everybody is irritable, annoyed, worried, tense. The simple reason is that they have lost the natural source of relaxation.

    No animal looks irritated, annoyed, angry, because they don't understand the language the priests speak.

    They have never heard that celibacy is spiritual. Of course they cannot attain to meditation, but they are far better than those human beings who could have attained meditative heights, but have lost even the simple biological experience of orgasm.

    Those are simply indications of your possibilities, potentialities. And it is easier to experiment with something natural in the beginning and then to try something which is supernatural, which belongs to higher nature.

    And once you know how to be silent, how to be thoughtless, how to be in a state of no time, no mind, you experience such orgasmic joy, which has nothing to do with sex, it has such purity and such innocence.

    A man who has attained to that purity and innocence has no need of sex, it is no longer a psychological problem for him. But there is no prohibition either. He can enjoy sex too, and he will enjoy it more than anybody else, because his orgasm will immediately become meditative.

    Having experienced the meditative orgasm ¯ such a greater phenomenon ¯ his sexual orgasm will immediately trigger the bigger orgasm. He can play with sex. There is no harm in it. There is no need, but there is no prohibition either. It is up to him.

    The meditative orgasm absorbs your sexual energy, because you don't have any other energy. Your whole energy is sexual energy, and that vast explosion of joy simply absorbs all your energy. Hence, you need not become a pervert, you need not make an effort to remain celibate. It is just your choice.

    If you want to play old games once in a while, it is perfectly good. In fact, perhaps it should be a part of every enlightened man's life to have sex once in a while, because that will change the attitude of the whole world about sex.

    Without that, it is very difficult to change. Then they can see that even an enlightened person can enjoy sex. There is nothing sin-like in it. And it will join the enlightened man and unenlightened man in a bridge. At least on one point, both experience the same thing....

    Love is a natural kind of meditation. And meditation is a supernatural kind of love.

  6. Big congratulations to you beautiful beings. You light up the world with your love!

    Jenna Norwood

  7. mr. monarch you are funny.
    i wish both of you beautiful times together. sweet and lovely.

  8. I just re-read your story...again, I smile so warmly and wish you both all the happiness in the world. It's so wonderful seeing love like's out there and you're the proof.

    Kristen Suzanne

  9. Ah what a great story. Congrats to the two of you... moving forward with your lives. I wish you both bliss-filled peace-filled moments. love and light, Aleesha

  10. Congratulations on your happiness, both of you :) I wish you the three-fold return of ALL of the beauty and love that you both share with the world.
    Gayle xoxo

  11. This is the first time I've been fortunate enough to read this wonderful, wonderful story. What a beautiful tribute to your love for each other. I am beaming from reading this. Thank you.

  12. I'm totally crying after reading that!

  13. Big congratulations to you beautiful beings. You light up the world with your love!