Thursday, 13 September 2007

Sad News...Apologies and Gratitude...

I have some news I feel very sad about. It feels like it’s time to share though… A month from now, thousands of vibrant, lively raw foodists will be gathered together in Sedona, Arizona, to celebrate the fabulous Raw Spirit Festival…and right now, it seems very unlikely that I will be able to join you all… :(
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…visa complications are persisting for me and unless things dramatically shift in the next 4 weeks, it seems I am currently unable to enter the US…I absolutely love it here in Canada where I am right now...I would be SO delighted to come down to the US for the festie though too...
I have been holding off from announcing this, in the hope that things will shift…and they may indeed still yet – the GREAT thing to focus on is that myself and MANY other bright beings have been holding the vision of me actually being there for the festie…SO, we have a lot of energetic power behind this… ;) If you feel to also lend your visionary attention towards this, that would be wonderful :) Thank You…
I’m sorry for any disappointments and SO hope it will work out for me to join in the fun down south with y’all… ;) All limbs crossed ;)

on September the 11th I had:

1 litre water
½ medium papaya
1.2 litres green juice
bowl of sea spaghetti with sprouts, granulated wrack seaweed, hemp oil, sunflower seeds and baby leaf greeeeeeeens
500ml water
10 fresh figs
500ml water
500ml green juice with lemon
½ medium papaya
500ml water

I’m SO sorry. I guess the last newsletter I sent out produced quite some response and the RawReform server actually got totally overwhelmed with email traffic and crashed…EEEEEEEkkkkk…so, for all of you who tried to send in messages – especially for the ‘Who inspires YOU?’ Giveaway draw – apologies…the mail system is cooperating again now after some gentle encouraging, so please feel free to send things in again if you feel to, to – thanks ;)

on September the 12th I had:

1 litre water
1 litre yellow watermelon juice – yummmmmmmmmm
1 dragon fruit and 6 fresh figs
500ml water
bowl of kale salad with sea spaghetti, sauerkraut and granulated wrack
little raw chocolate bar with raw shortbread
1 litre green juice with lemon
bowl of appleflax – blended apples mixed with ground flax seed, ground almonds, lucuma powder, swirled with a little spirulina and goji berries
1 litre water

Three things for which I have recently felt grateful:

1. Experiencing the most INCREDIBLY powerful thunder and lightening storm a couple of nights ago whilst out bike-riding…it was an intense experience…my energy had been tight during the day and I wanted to release…if ever I wanted confirmation of the truth that the outer reflects the inner, this was IT ;) The weather was beautiful as I set out, then rapidly shifted to gale-force winds, dramatic thunder and lightening all around me, lashing rain, hailstones and gusts so strong that they literally blew my glasses off…it was amazing…I was howling like a BANSHEE into the wind and my arms were whipped bright red from the cold hail and wind…what a release :O
2. Seeing the film ‘Hairspray’ recently at the cinema – MMMmmmmmm :))) SO sweet and funny and uplifting and wonderfully well acted…yes, I do just LOVE musicals… ;)
3. Reflecting on one of the gifts of our ‘constantly-on-the-move’ lifestyle: that we get the opportunity to see how SO many different houses and specifically kitchens function…it brings me so much inspiration and clarity for how I would like a raw kitchen to be as and when I settle somewhere…two things I see very clearly right now are that I want to have a HUGE amount of surface space for things to dry after being washed up, on racks/a surface that allows drainage AND I’ve also been really appreciating flexi cutting-board covers which you can chop things on, then pick up the sheet and slide the chopped yummies into your receptacle of choice ;) I’ll share more kitchen pointers as and when they present themselves ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. No worries, Angela, we'll all put our intentions behind ya. ;) Of course, we can always send up a parade of raw foodies to smuggle you into the US. Shouldn't be that difficult...

  2. Hi Angela, i have a question that is off topic to your blog post, but it is something I would really love to hear your thoughts on. I was wondering how you felt about eating only local raw foods, especially if you live in a 4 season climate with longish winters? I experimented with a lot of raw foods this summer and it has been wonderful, but this question remains in my mind about whether the raw food diet is the right diet for the planet. Providing food from your local region seems to make a lot of sense to me and feel really right and indeed, most of the food I ate this summer was purchased from local farmer's markets. I noticed a lot of raw food super foods are definitely not local. Avacados, something I enjoy a lot are not local. I have thought of sprouting sunflower and buckwheat greens during the winter, but do you have any other tips on winter fare that is raw and local? I have frozen some blueberries and peaches picked fresh this summer from nearby farms. Also, i am transitoning to all of this and while I do enjoy more simple fare, I am far from the place in which you enjoy meals (after several years raw and a long juice feast). I would really, really appreciate it if you are able to find time to respond. Thanks and Namaste, Sara