Friday, 21 September 2007

On Control, Coldness and Comments...

I wanted to share here one of the amusing drawings from ‘health freedom activist’/artist Emma Hollister – Emma has a whole series of these cartoons and there’s some classics in there – take a look at her page HERE.
If anyone wanted some further evidence that things seem to have gone quite, quite insane in terms of food propaganda, here is a stunning quote from an ABC news item today:

' "Raw produce, even if you put it in a bag and seal the bag, is still raw produce. It's a high-risk food, even if the American consumer doesn't realize it is,” says Oregon state epidemiologist William Keene.'

LOL…gotta love it ;)

on September the 19th I had:

1 litre water
1 litre green juice with carrots
½ a medium-sized watermelon
sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, flax crackers, hemp seeds mixed with tomato flax oil and salt
1 litre water
juice of 2 oranges
bowl of mashed banana with maca, lucuma, spirulina, chopped figs, currants and sprouts
1 litre water

Alrighty, so…life has taken on a bitter-sweet little turn for me right now…I’m sad because Mr Monarch has gone south to the US and I am here in Canada, missing him and feeling a bit like I’m in exile ;) I am also grateful though, as it means I get to enjoy some time here in Alberta with another super-sweet raw family, sharing and flowing together ;) It’s colder here than I anticipated…and further north than I’d realised…the family have in fact started to read Anastasia and told me that a beautiful forest we visited nearby here yesterday is actually part of the same kind of forest Anastasia is in, over there in Siberia – we’re on that kind of latitude…eeeeeeeeeeek ;) I feel like it’s good for me to experience a bit of autumn/coldness though, as I pretty much avoided it last year by going down to Costa Rica and have been in almost perpetual yummy/warm weather for the last 18 months or so… ;) Today we also went to a delicious, magnificently stocked rock and gem store, which was such a treat – we revelled in the magical energy there for over an hour and I picked some gorgeous little stones to join me on this journey…jade, rose quartz, garnet…yummy ;) I'd rather have my man back with me any day rather than some pretty stones, of course...yet for now, they're pacifying me ;)

on September the 20th I had:

1 litre water
600ml green juice with carrots
2 peaches
250ml banana/cacao smoothie
baby spinach, tomatoes, flax crackers, hemp seed mixed with tomato-flax oil
1 litre water
400ml kombucha
kale salad with avo/tomatoes/lemon and sea spaghetti seaweed – yummmmmmm ;)
1 litre water

I discovered something about this E-Journal today…I realised that the way I’ve had it set up means it’s not been easy for you petals to leave comments…sorry ;) I didn’t realise that it was only allowing people who are members of Google/Blogger already to send in comments…SO…today I jiggled it about a bit and now it ought to be possible for anyone to leave a comment...just go to the bottom of any posting on the blog page – - click on where it says ‘comments’ and leave your pearly offerings for moderation…ta ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. Angela,

    Just a quick note to say hello and thanks!

    I have been reading your rawreform journal for a while now and am quite inspired. I have slowly been transitioning from omnivore to vegetarian to raw veg over the past couple of months.

    Between you, Matt Monarch, David Wolfe, etc. the visible voices of raw food, I have been impressed, inspired, and grateful for the education so far.



  2. thank you!! I love your blog and have tried to comment before, I couldn't though and blamed the computer. I now forgive the computer and thank you for letting us all share our gratitude and thoughts with you and all in celestial spaces!