Saturday, 15 September 2007

Thank you for the music... ;)

Yeeeeeeeeee-HAH :) Wow…it’s been fun the last few days – lots of travelling and talks…today we spoke at the Simply Raw Festival in Ottawa, Canada – SO lovely…thanks to all of you who humoured the sudden cold snap and came on down to enjoy – I REALLY liked this festie…such a nice crowd of people, a beautiful setting in a sweet little park and I LOVE that it’s free entry for all, meaning all kinds of people make their way along, who may not access it otherwise…it’s organised by the simply lovely Natasha and Mark of Simply Raw and I feel they are offering such an OUTSTANDING service to the world with this event – they pour so much love into it, so selflessly and also seem to enjoy it so very much – absolutely beautiful ;) Attached is a photo of myself and Mr Monarch having a giggle at our booth…;) (Sent in by the lovely Uljana - thanks ;). We also spoke to a charming, vibrant crowd over in Montreal a couple of nights ago, at an event catered by the luscious beings at Cru de Essence…this little crew of light beings have secured a fabulous venue overlooking the whole city, where they hold events, produce the most love-infused kombucha I’ve ever tasted and provide fabulous raw meals…WOW…yes, we’ve had a GREAT welcome to this area – we were even interviewed for a whole segment on the daily news a couple of days back, which a LOT of people seemed to tune in to ;) …thanks to you all who’ve been part of this journey…and so…tomorrow…ONWARDS…we ride west at dawn…yeeeeeeeeeee-HAH…

on September the 13th I had:

1 litre water
500ml green juice with lemon
cup of green smoothie with purslane
plate of raw pies
1.5 litres water
500ml kombucha
plate of savoury raw food – lasagne, nori rolls, salad etc, followed by raw cheesecake with banana ice cream
1 litre water

WOW, lots of you have been making GREAT use of the current coupon code for the new RawReform Store…the code ‘chia’ currently gets you 10% off any purchase PLUS a free 1lb bag of magical chia if you spend over $150 (people seem CRAZY for chia up here in Canada by the way – wonderful :). Many of you have been making great savings with this code already – like $40 off the price of a new Vitamix – NICE ;) Just to let you know, the code is valid until the end of this month, so you have a wee while yet to get your goods in ;) See the store HERE.

on September the 14th I had:

1.5 litres water
big piece of watermelon400ml kombucha
700ml green juice
plate of raw leftovers from meal last night – lasagne, crackers, seed cheese etc
2 litres water

I’m delighted to hear that so many of you have been enjoying the latest ‘Sound of Music’-inspired warblings from ‘Maria von Chia’ on YouTube…‘How Do You Have a Social Life with Raw Food’ has been viewed around 800 times in 2 days…thanks for all your lovely comments and emails :) It’s nice to know how common salad-dressing-smuggling is among this tribe ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx


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