Sunday, 9 September 2007

Meanwhile, back on the left side of the map...

We’re BAAAAAACK :))) …back in North America…Canada to be precise…Ontario to be even more precise…in a gorgeous house overlooking a beautiful lake, to be absolutely precise ;) Hmmmmmm…it feels SOOOO great to me to be back…we’re a bit jet-lagged, yet nothing unmanageable…and we were welcomed at Toronto airport by 33 degrees C weather (90-smthg degrees F)…aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh…it feels SO good to be back in intense, sunny heat again…I looked at the woolly hat in my bag today that I’ve been wearing every day for the last month or so in the UK and felt amazed…a woolly hat…? In AUGUST…? We had a wonderful time overall, back in ol’ Blighty and it was particularly yummy to catch up with friends and family and experience some healing in those dynamics…I also feel a huge sense of relief and release to be back on this continent though, for now…the energy feels much more relaxed, positive and free-flowing in general to me here than in Europe…the culture which is pre-eminent over here right now is, after all, just so YOUNG in comparison to Europe – the spirit of Europe feels older, denser, more complex, more entrenched in things to me – cultures, traditions, expectations…over here I have much more of a sense of free-flow, optimism and positivity…I breathe deeeeeeeeep and feel immense gratitude for it all…

On September the 7th I had:

2.5 litres water
bowl of sea spaghetti with tomato sauce (tomatoes, soaked dried tomatoes and garlic, blended), sprouts, shavings of broccoli and hemp seeds
piece of leftover cake base from ystrdy
1 tangerine
1 litre water
700ml carrot/celery juice
2 apples, a handful of soaked Japanese seaweed and a handful of sunflower seeds
1 litre water

We went to see the extraordinary Macy Gray in concert this weekend – WOW – what a show-woman she is…amazing performance, so refined – clearly she’s had a lot of experience…one of the things I love about Macy is that she was apparently frequently told as a child that her singing voice was horrible and to not sing…as an adult she obviously reclaimed that part of her being and shifted it into the wonderful music she now shares with the world…I feel MANY of us can identify with that pattern of not being seen as children for the amazing talents we hold – I love when someone transmogrifies that toxic/painful energy into smthg beautiful, just like Macy – a beautiful butterfly ;) I love her directness and sweet way with the audience too, getting us all to shout out our names, so that it’s not a ‘one-way-conversation’ from the stage ;) lovely…

on September the 8th I had:

2 litres water
500ml watermelon/Satsuma juice
big chunk of watermelon
little basket of concord grapes
500ml water
bowl of sea spaghetti seaweed with broccoli greens, sprouts, heirloom tomato, avocado and baby spinach leaves
750ml water
selection of beautiful desserts from LIVE café in Toronto, with a few pods of durian – yummmmmmmmmm
1.5 litres water

MMMmmmmm – the latest edition of online raw mag ‘Pear Magazine’ is out now and has an in-depth interview with me…this was one of the most intense interviews I’ve done so far…this issue also includes articles on The Law of Attraction, being 100% Raw, spiritual sisterhood and Addiction. You can order your copy on Storm and Jinjee’s site HERE…have you also ever seen the free set of posters they put together for their ‘Take a Fruit Break’ advertising programme for kids? SO sweet – gotta love ‘em ;) You can click through to the free posters on their site and use them wherever you like to encourage kids to enjoy FRUIT rather than toxic mushy nonsense as a treat ;)

ALL love,
Angela. xxx


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