Monday, 24 September 2007

Beautiful, Blossoming Raw Community...

Check out this wonderful 5 minute YouTube share from raw foodie Philip McCluskey, who has lost OVER 125lbs since going raw – yeeeeeeeeeee-HAH – fantastic…I met Philip at one of my talks in Connecticut earlier this year – he’s a very sweet and genuine guy and I’m so delighted for him that he side-stepped Gastric Bypass Surgery and went the raw route ;) – check it out:

On September the 23rd I had:

1.5 litres water
1 persimmon
1 litre green juice with carrot
avocado mashed with spirulina, lemon juice and a pinch of Himalayan salt, with an apple sliced into chunks
1 litre water
an array of marvellous potluck creations – salad, crackers, guacamole, ‘fettucine’ and the most AMAZING raw ‘cream of mushroom’ soup, followed by raw desserts of persimmon pudding, peach cobbler and banana/lemon pie – WOW :)
1.5 litres water

WOW – the ‘cream of mushroom’ soup at the raw potluck yesterday was absolutely phenomenal…and SO simple – just 3 ingredients…it was a recipe from Ani Phyo’s magical recipe book – Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen…I don’t have the book with me right now on the road (you can get it HERE), so I don’t know the exact recipe or measurements or anything, but I got the basic point – the body of the soup is just brazil nut milk, with garlic and a bit of salt, then there were mushrooms marinated in oil and…hmmmm…smthg else, perhaps nama shoyu (I’m not sure) on the side – I didn’t eat the mushrooms, just the liquid part and even though that had NO mushrooms in it – just brazil milk, garlic, salt, it really tasted like cream of mushroom soup – it was one of the simplest and yummiest raw dishes I’ve ever had – I LOVE it :) I could literally have drunk the whole Vitamix jug of it myself, with nothing else (and I think my body would really have preferred it if I did, actually – I seem to get less and less tolerant of complicated food combos and my body was telling me about it today when I woke up – coated tongue, groggy feeling, puffy eyes etc…wow…hence the fact that, as you’ll see below, I moved over to just juices today ;) This potluck was such a magical little event – I find the raw community they have here in Red Deer, Alberta very endearing and surprisingly vibrant for a small-ish place in ‘cattle country’ ;) I gave a presentation for the group and it was fun – I have never been at a raw event with SOOO many incredible raw kids – there seemed to be at least a dozen of them – and most of them under 10 :O …what a blessed community :)

on September the 24th I had:

1 litre water
shot of raw aloe juice
1 litre watermelon juice
1 tsp bee pollen
1 litre green juice with carrot
500ml water
1tsp pollen
1.5 litres green juice with carrot
500ml water

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO much to all of you who have been putting focus/attention/love towards the vision of me being present at Raw Spirit Fest next month in Arizona…I really appreciate it and I send you all BIG love for your support ;) It’s still unclear for me if/how/when I’ll be able to get there…I am letting go of the details as much as possible though and just holding still the vision of being there…that’s all that really matters, after all ;)…in the meantime, the fabulous news is that the organisers of the festie have opened up space for another 80 VOLUNTEERS to join the crew – it’s phenomenal for me to think that the festie is growing so exponentially that SO many extra hands can be used ;) It’s wonderful…last year there were around 300 of us there, TOTAL - this year it seems at LEAST 3000 people will be in attendance…TRULY wonderful…SO, if you’re interested in getting in for (now less than) half-price - $150 - by being a volunteer, just email with a one line 'reason why you want to volunteer' and then you’ll get to sign up at the discounted rate…HURRAY - oooo, and pls tell them Ms Angela Stokes sent you, if you will ;) Volunteers share 15 hours of their time helping out with festie tasks at the event…ENJOY and I really do hope to see you there ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Hey Angela..
    I know eating raw food is just so amazingly healthy and it's so variant..
    The thing is I'm an everything-eater and actually most the things i eat are meats and I'm really tired of that, this food style makes me so lazy and unable to concentrate, and I want to change that.. but I will have a difficulty following your eating style because I have no idea about the ingredients you put to make your juices and Salads and so on..
    So If you would make me a favor, just lead me to some simpler kinds of raw foods..