Wednesday, 12 September 2007

How Do You Have a Social Life with Raw Food...???


Fresh from the cutting room of ‘The Kitchen’s Alive with Living Enzymes’, comes the latest installment from our raw food heroine, Maria von Chia:

It seems that since sharing her last beautiful ballad, ‘A Few of My Favourite Raw Things’, dear Maria has been facing some of the starker realities of the raw food lifestyle…from social shake-ups to the inevitable detox, listen on to hear Maria’s musings on life on the raw side… ;)

(By: Angela Claire Stokes, MA ;)

How do you have a social life with raw food?
When everyone around you thinks you’re nuts?
Smuggling salad dressings into restaurants
And insisting on organic – NO buts…

Many a thing you know you’d like to tell them…
It’s not all carrot sticks and celery strands
But how can you make them stay? And listen to all you say?
When they’re convinced that raw foods must be bland…
Oh, how do you have a social life with raw foooood?
How can you help your loved ones understand…?

When I eat cooked I'm confused
Out of focus and bemused
And I never know exactly where I am...
And raw food feels so right
And yet try as I might
It so often seems like no-one understands…

I feel vibrant, I feel great
With just raw foods on my plate
It’s amazing, it’s delicious, can’t they tell?
Losing pounds and feeling light
Looking younger, always bright
"How’d you do it?" Don’t they get it?
It’s THE FOOD...

But how do you solve an issue like candida?
How do you get the parasites out?
Detoxing from zits to diarrhea
Is this really what being raw is all about…?

Many people find detox unpleasant
Many symptoms make you feel exposed
Bloated to the max and producing so much gas,
That everyone around you holds their nose…

Oh how do you have a social life with raw foooooooooooooood?
I’ll be the change and eat the best I can…


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  1. I love this! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing :)

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