Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Reflections on the Past...

There’s been a dramatic limey invasion of Raw Spirit Radio… ;)
Last week, myself and fellow British raw renegades Kate Magic, Suki Zoe and Joel Gazdar united with Laura ‘Foxy’ Fox in Sedona, AZ to spread some healing inter-continental love vibes and apparently ‘redeem the British culinary tradition’ after decades of soggy, broiled, greasy nonsense… ;)
The interview was great fun and Mr Monarch even got in on the invading action…you can hear the show by visiting this LINK and scrolling down...
Foxy also has a lovely-sounding show lined up for tonight – September the 11th. On the 6th anniversary of the events in NYC that shocked the world, she’ll be holding space with Steve Adler, Nick Good and others, all sharing on the theme of Forgiveness and Divine Love as a path of healing. Beautiful. Check it out with that same link above…

on September the 9th I had:

1 litre water
1lb jack fruit flesh
600ml green juice with carrots
500ml water
bowl of sea spaghetti seaweed with sunflower seeds, hemp oil and granulated wrack seaweed – RIDICULOUSLY good…
little piece of leftover almond dessert from LIVE yesterday
1 litre water
bowl of chia seeds soaked in blended concord grapes with banana
1 litre water

Today - September the 11th - also saw the appearance of the new moon in Virgo – an ideal time, according to astrologer Lisa Dale Miller – to ‘consider one's responsibility to serve, heal, and educate others’… She suggests:

“committing to heal and serve others to the best of your ability, question, analyze and shake out your old beliefs, act with an openness and intelligence sourced in non-judgmental curiosity and revolutionize your life by breaking the illusion of separation and committing fully to love all beings.
This is the New Moon to realize that we each have a duty to heal ourselves by reaching out to heal others. And by the way, you can't heal the planet if you won't take responsibility for your own health and well-being.
This is the best New Moon for initiating an intention to deal with substance abuse, weight problems, and eating disorders. This is the New Moon to get serious about seeking medical attention for symptoms or illnesses you have been avoiding or denying. Bring happiness to your loved ones by committing to illness prevention and better health. This is the time to investigate dietary changes, daily exercise programs, and improving sleep and learning relaxation techniques. Make no mistake about it; the mind-body connection is the most powerful medicine for healing and the true wisdom of Virgo.
The New Moon in Virgo is also the right time to deal with unrelenting self-criticism and perfectionism. Virgo tends to suffer from a sense of never being good enough; nothing it does, creates, thinks, or feels is worthy and therefore it constantly questions and critiques itself. If this sounds like you, this is the New Moon to take your inner critic in hand and tame it.”

To read Lisa’s entire fascinating article on this powerful new moon for shifts in health and well-being, click HERE.

on September the 10th I had:

1.5 litres water
slice of watermelon
box of strawberries
bowl of sea spaghetti seaweed with hemp oil, sunflower seeds, sauerkraut and wrack granules
1 litre water
1 litre green juice with carrot
bowl of banana/jackfruit/hemp seed ice cream with a few pods of durian on the side…
1 litre water

I began to imagine recently what it would be like to meet my great-great-great-great-great-grandparents. Imagine. I have no association with them as beings at all. They could literally walk into the house I’m in right now and I wouldn’t even recognise them, on a physical level (and I don’t mean if they walked in here as skeletons ;). I don’t know their names, I don’t know what they looked like…I don’t know where they lived, what they enjoyed or what they experienced here…and yet they played pretty significant roles in shaping the being that I am today – I carry resonances of all of them – physical features, tendencies, genetic weaknesses, diseases, preferences…I find this strange to contemplate…it’s like there’s an odd disconnect between my heritage and me…nothing disturbing of course…I just found it interesting to contemplate… ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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