Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The answer is spinach...

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy Halloween as I write this tonight…my friend here told me this evening that the average child in this neighbourhood likely collects around two supermarket bags full of ‘candy’ while trick-or-treating… :O :O :O …I’m astounded…and I certainly hope the tooth fairies of grace are working their magic tonight ;)
Raw Pumpkin Pie recipes seem to be abounding at this time of year - yummmmm - here's one over on the Raw Seattle site that looks good...

On October the 30th I had:

2.5 cups water
1.5 cups warm water with lemon juice
3.5 cups cucumber/spinach/romaine/broccoli sprouts/radish/sunchoke/carrot juice
bowl of chia seeds soaked in blended banana/persimmons, swirled with maca, cinnamon, goji berries and pumpkin seeds
2 cups water
bowl of durian blended with bananas, swirled with maca, cinnamon and goji berries
1.5 quarts water

If you haven’t yet seen this amusing ‘mainstream’ spin on the damages of plastic food and prescription drugs, from Bill Maher, I’d recommend it – it’s nice to see this message penetrating a little deeper into society daily... ;) According to Bill, ‘The answer is spinach’. Nice… ;) Here’s the link:

on October the 31st I had:

2 cups water
1.5 cups warm water with lemon
1.2 quarts alfalfa/ginseng/sunchoke/celeriac/radish/cucumber/spinach/red lettuce/carrot/cilantro juice (PHEEEEEEEW – intense stuff ;)
bowl of durian blended with banana, mesquite powder and cinnamon and swirled with goji berries and diced dates
1 quart water
½ lb longans
2 persimmons
1 quart celeriac/parsley/celery/carrot/radish/ginseng/romaine juice
3 cups water

A little reminder, as we somehow slip into NOVEMBER – you’re still welcome to send in entries for this month’s RawReform Prize Giveaway. The prize this month is a free copy of Mr Monarch’s fabulous new book ‘Raw Success’. Now, as you may recall, the email gremlins ransacked the RawReform email system for an entire week recently, just after the latest newsletter had gone out in fact – so for those of you who may have tried to send in your entry for the giveaway and found it bounced straightbackatcha, please do feel free to try again, now that full email cooperation has been reinstated…
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All love,
Angela. xxx


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