Saturday, 27 October 2007

Summit and Shortbread...

*Ding-ding*…it’s time for another ‘public service announcement’…, last week I was very excited to mention that the Raw Summit 2 was due to start soon – on Monday the 29th of October in fact - tomorrow…the second Summit features raw speakers like Ani Phyo, Sergei Boutenko, Brian Clement, Annie Jubb, Karen Knowler and others…weeeeeeeeeell…it’s been postponed :( The yummy people at the Summit have been inundated with emails regarding their current projects and they decided to push back the starting date, to get a handle on things first…sorry ;) It’s going to start now on November the 15th instead…you can still sign up to listen to all the talks for FREE though, by clicking HERE – enjoy ;)

On October the 27th I had:

2 cups water
2 cups warm water with lemon juice
juice of 2 oranges3 cups romaine/alfalfa/spinach/ginger/carrot/celery juice
bowl of chia seed soaked in blended persimmons and banana, swirled with maca, cinnamon and mulberries
2 cups water
1 tbsp raw ‘halva’ - hemp seed butter mixed with raw honey
3 tbsp bee pollen mixed with hemp seed
2 cups water
1lb longans
3 cups spinach/romaine/celery/carrot/apple juice
2 tbsp pine nuts with mulberries
2 cups water

WOW…I’m amazed how many of you wrote today asking what lucuma is, after I mentioned using it for the banana bread recipe…you mean you haven’t tried lucuma yet...??? ;O Wow…here’s something I wrote a few months back abt the golden powder

"Lucuma has long been my favourite raw sweetener and recently I’ve been experimenting and making some amazing recipes with it… It’s made from a dried fruit from Peru, comes as a golden powder which is low glycemic and it tastes like SHORTBREAD…just divine…
Lucuma isn’t always easy to locate, but you can see more about it and order some to start playing with from the RawReform online store HERE
Here is one recipe I made up recently that is the nearest thing to raw shortbread I’ve ever tasted and so simple – just three ingredients…yummmmmmmmm…

Raw Shortbread Recipe
Ground Almonds
Raw Honey
Lucuma Powder

Just combine those three ingredients together in whatever quantities you like to get the consistency and sweetness you love and ENJOY ;)"

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. that would be really good with just a pinch of sea salt...ironically lucuma, honey and walnuts are almost all i have in my cupboard...i can put off the shopping for a few hours longer:)