Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Sharing the Loooooove...

Today my radio interview with long-term health seeker and raw foodie Revvell Revati went up online. Revvell interviews many different speakers about health, success and realising our potential. She seems a lovely being, sharing useful, illuminating info with the world via internet radio and this was a fun interview to do… ;) You can listen to the interview for free here: http://www.bigmediausa.com/archive.asp?aid=10513

on October the 1st I had:

1 litre water
1.5 litres watermelon juice
3 fresh baby corn-on-the-cobs
500ml green juice with carrot
bowl of durian blended with young coconut meat swirled with cinnamon and cut up dried figs
500ml water
1 litre green juice with carrot
phenomenal bowl of sea spaghetti seaweed with pumpkin seed butter and granulated wrack seaweed; a few baby tomatoes on the side
Pro to go sachets for ‘dessert’ ;)
1 litre water

I’ve been making quite a few little updates on the RawReform main site the last few days…one area I was working on was the FAQs pages…I found it interesting to note that by far the most frequently viewed Q on there was:

‘What are the drawbacks of being raw?’

Hmmmm…intriguing that this is what seemingly interests people the most…the possible ‘negative’ aspects of being raw…I wonder why…looking for escape hatches from the inevitable detox perhaps …??? ;) It’s all a choice, it’s all a choice, it’s all just a choice… ;)

on October the 2nd I had:

700ml water
1.2 litres galia melon/orange juice
2 peaches
1 litre green juice with carrot
little bowl of sea spaghetti seaweed with pumpkin seed butter and granulated wrack seaweed; a few baby tomatoes on the side, followed by a big spoonful of the outrageously tasty Amazon Bliss Butter
500ml water
romaine wraps with durian, orange juice and lime juice
1 litre water

I get beautiful daily emails from a recovery service called Hazelden – I wanted to share here a recent posting from them, which really spoke to me:

“ ‘The gift of love means this: I want to share with you whatever I have that is good.
-- John Powell, S.J.

How loving are we, really? Do we keep score when we do favors for a friend, keeping in mind that we're owed one? Do we hoard rather than share a favorite treat, hoping to prolong our own feast? And the good mood, when it's ours, do we use it to help another raise her spirits or do we secretly gloat because we're "in a better place"?

The opportunity to respond with love visits us throughout each day. A smile, a kind gesture, including someone in a conversation, noticing a job well done, are acts of love, acts that connect our hearts, at least for a moment.

When someone has shared love with us in some form, we notice it and are moved.”

Beautiful... To sign up to receive these kind of uplifting daily msgs yourself from Hazelden, you can subscribe to the ‘Daily Gift’ emails from THIS PAGE

One love,
Angela. xxx


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