Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Island Days...

Ok, we’re in Victoria now, on Vancouver Island…we came here on Saturday and we’ve been absolutely loving it here ;) We gave a presentation at a wellness centre on Saturday evening, to a lovely crowd and then have been exploring the area the last few days. Things I appreciate so far:

1. We have been gifted a fabulous little cottage to stay in during our time here, from a yummy reader of this e-journal. WOW…SUCH a gorgeous little retreat space – all raw kitchen equipment we could want, a compost, rebounder, trays of fresh sprouts and wheatgrass waiting for us, Spiritual Cinema DVD collection, wonderful books, right next to the ocean…amazing…we feel so blessed…
2. Everyone here seems SO friendly and happy and smiley and sweet ;) The scenery is stunning too and I LOVE being back by the sea…
3. The CLOTHES shops are simply outstanding for me, in terms of the selection of ‘eco-friendly’ fabrics available. I’ve never seen such a huge array of organic cotton, hemp, bamboo clothes and more in one place – especially such a ‘little’ place, in terms of physical size…it’s wonderful…
4. There are GREAT longans available in Chinatown and Victoria even has a restaurant that serves raw food – called Mo:le. There are also quite a few juice bars around – like in Green Cuisine…
5. We were also invited to use an infra-red sauna yesterday at the house of one of the lovely women who attended our talk on Saturday. She healed from breast cancer with the raw lifestyle and now helps others on this path. We had a great sauna, then I promptly threw up twice after it. Hmmmm…I think the combination of intense sauna, lots of wheatgrass, niacin and excitement was a bit too much for me ;) It felt very odd to vomit – it’s SO long since I last did…and I was a bit wobbly for a couple of hours. I just rested though and then was fine…

We’ve received requests and invites to come back here next year too and play some more – either talks or maybe a retreat or…who knows…? ;) We’d love to come back, so…let’s stay tuned to see what unfolds…

On October the 21st I had:

1 quart water
double shot of wheatgrass juice
1 quart green juice with carrot and beetroot
bowl of durian blended with banana and cracao powder and swirled with dates and goji berries
3 cups water
½ lb longans
2 cups raspberry leaf tea
1 pint green juice with carrot
bowl of Mr Monarch’s fabulous ‘banana bread with cream cheese’ (again, see HERE for the recipe)
1 pint rooibos tea
1 pint water

Ok, a little ‘public service announcement’ again…I am extremely relieved and grateful to say that the RawReform email is now fully working again. The whole system was down for a week – eeeeeeeeek – I am so very sorry…I know many of you were getting bouncebacks…well, now it’s all back up again, so you can email rawreform@rawreform.com freely – hurray :) Thanks for your patience…

on October the 22nd I had:

1 quart water
double shot of wheatgrass juice
3 cups melon/apple juice
1lb longans
1 pint parsley/spinach/celery/carrot/lemon juice
2 persimmons, more longans and a few mulberries
double shot of wheatgrass
1 quart water
1 pint water
3 cups celery/spinach/parsley/carrot juice
bowl of blended apples mixed with ground flax/almonds and swirled with mulberries – yummmmmm
3 cups water

Mr Monarch’s new book, Raw Success is OUT NOW :) I’m so happy for him…and he’s very excited, as feedback starts to come in from those who are already reading it…it was launched at the Raw Spirit Fest last weekend and sold around 500 copies in the first week…we’re excited that this information is getting out there…it contains info about ‘The Blood Gas Theory’ (among other things) – which is something Dr. Fred Bisci ‘handed down’ to Matt and seems to be rarely spoken of/understood in raw food circles, yet is KEY for understanding how detox works – which is essentially what being raw is all about for most modern humans – we have decades and decades of waste to release…you can see the book and order your copy HERE... ENJOY and do email him and let him know your thoughts if you read it…

One love,
Angela. xxx


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