Saturday, 20 October 2007

Your questions answered...

Ooooo, lots of questions from y’all at the moment…here’s my answers to three:

1. Could you send the recipes in measures that I can relate to? United States measures – 1 cup, 2 quarts. I don’t know what 500ml water is...Please help translate!!! Thanks! R.
Eeeeeeek…yes, I suspect this is something many of you have issues understanding…sorry about that…I use millilitres because it’s the easiest thing for ME to get my head round…when I was growing up in the UK, we seemed to learn in partly metric and partly imperial. The result is a messy measurement system in my head. Millilitres seem the least irksome for me to use, as the system at least seems somewhat ‘logical’ (compared to, for instance ‘stones’ – 1 stone being…14 lbs…or something peculiar like that... ;) Yet I understand that millilitres are confusing for most over on this continent…cups, pints and quarts are all a bit hazy in my brain…I’ll do my best to start converting over though from now on…for now, just be aware that 500ml is approx. equivalent to a pint and 1 litre is about the same as a quart…hope that helps ;)

2. What are longans? A "box" of them no less! S.
MMMMMMMmmmmm…longans…these are my new favourite toy. They grow in south-east Asia, are small round fruits with a yellowy-brownish thin shell and are kind of similar to a lychee or rambutan inside. You peel the shell off and find a soft, juicy, translucent white ball of fruit inside, that tastes, to me, somewhere between caramel and pepper ;) I’m eating so many at the moment because I’m living right beside a Korean supermarket that has trays of them packed fresh daily – YUMMMMM – so, when I say a ‘box’, that means a 1lb tray of sweet caramelly, peppery yummmmm ;)

on October the 18th I had:

1 litre water
800ml green juice with carrot
little bowl of sea spaghetti with pumpkin seed butter, granulated wrack and cumin powder, with nori stuffed with hemp seed/flax oil/salt mixture
300ml spice tea
500ml water
700ml green juice with carrot
Mr Monarch’s famous ‘banana bread with cream cheese’ (see past post HERE for details)
700ml water

3. Hi Angela, recently joined your daily blog and monthly emailing and came across an older blog about the almond scare. i haven't been following up on what's happened with this. would you know if almonds are no longer safe to eat? have they enforced the law yet or is it still pending? would you know where we might order almonds in order to ensure that their raw? also,would you know if the still-in-the-shell almonds also going to be pasteurized? it's such a ludicrous situation! unbelievable. B.
Hmmmmm…yes, the almonds…well, to be honest I kind of lost the plot with the almond issue too…I know the mandate got passed that now requires all almonds to be ‘sanitised’. The fabulous Eli Penberthy of sends me updates to let me know what’s happening and the latest can all be found on this page of the Cornucopia website: That page contains a comprehensive fact sheet about the issue, as well as sample letters that can be directed to the USDA (or to Cornucopia, who will direct them on for you).
I hope that helps answer your questions…thanks for sending them in ;)

on October the 19th I had:

1 litre water
1 litre watermelon/orange juice
700ml green juice with carrot
gorgeous little bowl of persimmons blended with Amazon Bliss, swirled with goji berries – GORGEOUS
1 litre water
raw pesto pizza, half a raw veggie-burger, assortment of raw chocolate treats – all from the uber-fabulous Gorilla Food raw take-out in Vancouver
1 litre water

Just to let you know, there are a couple of changes to announce for my talk in Victoria tomorrow (Saturday):
1. Following his sudden and unexpected re-appearance in Canada, Mr. Monarch will be joining me and giving a talk too :)
2. The venue has had a last minute shuffle – only up a flight of stairs though, no major worries ;) We are now upstairs from the Green Cuisine Restaurant at:

Pacific Rim College (Complementary and Integrative Medicine - mostly oriental and acupuncture)
Suite #229, Market Square, 560 Johnson Street
Victoria, BC

The event starts at 6.30pm. You’ll still be able to get juices and food etc from the restaurant downstairs and we also hope to have a juicer at the event, to knock out some more liquid yummmm – hope to see you there if you’re around…

One love,
Angela. xxx


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