Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Co-operation, communication and ice cream... ;)

I did a really fulfilling live radio interview today...there was something quite delicious about it…it was for Vancouver Co-op radio and the host is a lovely, gentle, insightful woman named Allart…this interview differed to so many others in that we went deeeeeeep into the emotional aspects of my raw food journey – almost to the exclusion of all else ;) It was wonderful to share so much, especially with a fellow raw foodie and WOMAN who clearly is very passionate about health and healing for the masses…beautiful…you can listen to the interview HERE:

on October the 9th I had:

1 litre water
800ml green juice with carrot
bowl of chia soaked in blended coconut meat/banana/water, with cinnamon, mulberries and lucuma powder
700ml water
handful of goji berries with pine nuts
200ml water½ a durian
1 litre water

Today also sees the new moon grace us with its presence in Libra…this is a moon close to my heart…I have a LOT of Libra in my chart…I also resonate greatly with the number 10 and interestingly, the day today is 10.10 and the time of the new moon is 10.01 PDT (the time zone I'm currently in...)…oooo la la…what to say about all THAT??? Well, as always, master astrologer Lisa Dale Miller has plenty of guidance to share on this one…here she goes:

“Because Libra rules all forms of relating, it's worth beginning with the most important of all human relationships: our stewardship of this planet. Once again, this year we all need to do very serious ritual work on this New Moon in Libra, the ruler of justice, negotiation, deep-listening, love, and caring for "the other." Look within, get active, and shower love locally; your actions and intentions will reverberate out like waves in a pond, shifting the entropic downward spiral we see happening all around us.
Because the Libra New Moon rules love and relationship, this is the most powerful New Moon for bringing new love into your life. This is the perfect time, through ritual, to clearly define your qualifications for a relationship, and set the intention to make it happen.
I recommend a New Moon in Libra ritual that revolves around serious list making. Libra is the communicator and this is the time to clearly communicate what you want, so the universe can line up behind your intention and make it a reality. Create your lists as though you are weaving a piece of fabric, using your mental and emotional energy to build intention with substance and form. When you have finished, place the lists in a sacred place somewhere in your bedroom. Read the lists each day while the Moon is waxing to full. Don't be afraid to refine or edit the lists. It helps build the energy.
Libra revels in openness and sharing. Libra is the listener of the zodiac. The only way to achieve fairness and understanding is to share your feelings and then carefully listen to the feelings of others. Use this time to engage in meaningful discussions. Libra rules compromise and negotiation and helps us learn to get what we want while making the other party feel like the winner. Win/win is the way of Libra!
The New Moon is Libra is a great time to caretake intimate relationships. This is the New Moon to remind yourself that all any of us ever really needs is love! And yes, you do deserve to be loved!!!”

Ahhhhh, beautiful ;) …see Lisa Dale Miller’s full run-down on this new moon in Libra HERE:

on October the 10th I had:

1 litre water
1 litre green/carrot juice
big bunch of yellow-green grapes
300ml water
GORGEOUS dip made fresh with just 4 ingredients: tomatoes, avocado, hemp seeds and Celtic sea salt, with homemade brazil nut/carrot juice pulp/sundried tomato flax crackers…WOW…I seem to have come over all domestic again… ;)
500ml water
1 mango
500ml green juice with carrot
bowl of blended banana with maca and cinnamon, over soaked, dehydrated buckwheaties and chopped dried fruit…YUMMMMY
500ml water

OOoooOOooOooo, exciting yummy info for any of you in the Ojai/Santa Barbara area, in California…our friends who make the most outrageously delicious RAW ICE CREAM are now selling their wares in the local area…WOW…some of you reading this may remember the ‘durian and ice cream’ party we had earlier this year in California – well, this was the stuff we were all devouring – pints and pints of it – it’s incredible… ;) Now they’ve set up their own website for people to place orders for ‘Henry’s Raw Vegan Ice Cream’ - it's all handmade with love, in small batches, by a beautiful young raw vegan family. They are STRICTLY handling only local orders at the moment though…I do hope they'll expand at some point to sell further afield – at least to the LA area perhaps – it seems to me this is a big ‘gap in the market’ of commercial raw foods…I guess the logistics of keeping things frozen in transport etc make it complex…hmmm…in any event – if you’re in that area and want to enjoy a simply delicious raw treat, check it out… ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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