Thursday, 4 October 2007

Love, Chocolates and Podgy Smurfettes...

Yummy news – BOOK 7 of the Anastasia series is now out…oooooooOOOoooo…'The Energy of Life' is available HERE on the RawReform Store…I’m impressed if any of you are already that far into the series…personally I’m about to start Book 3 – 'The Space of Love' – and am LOVING this journey…mmmmm…I also LOVE the inexplicably delicious Raw Chocolate Truffles we just added to the store too…have you TRIED those things? They’re off-the-scale divine in raw cacao terms…the 'dark cacao' flavour is my favourite...they're the best raw chocolates I’ve tasted in fact and made with so much love by their creators in Asheville, NC – thanks peoples ;)

On October the 3rd I had:

1 litre water
small box of luscious organic raspberries
1.2 litres galia melon/orange juice
2 persimmons
800ml green juice with carrot
1 tbsp amazon bliss butter
500ml water
1 baby jack fruit, 2 persimmons and a few durian pods
1 litre water

Hey, uber-fabulous raw/chic/eco kids Gliving recently put up another article tapped out by my very fingers…it’s a juicy one…a 5-day Juice Feasting plan for those who feel just way too ‘city’ to slow down for juicy days…see it HERE.

on October the 4th I had:

1 litre water
1.1 litres orange/mango juice with coconut water
1 atamoya
400ml beet/celery/carrot juice
2 figs, 1 enormous peach
4tbsp hemp seed/pollen mix – yummmmmmmm ;)
little handful of dulse with sprouts and pumpkin seed butter – ridiculously good…
2 goji/cacao treats
350ml green juice with carrot
400ml peppermint tea
1 litre water

I would just love to share this…I have a statistics monitor for this e-journal, which lets me know, among other things, which keywords people type in to search engines like Google, to end up on my pages…well, aside from the expected queries such as ‘raw food’, ‘raw weight loss’, ‘angela stokes’ and so on, there are often plenty of quite peculiar items too…for example, check out this list below for ten of the more curious queries of the last few days…

things coming out of my skin
pictures of a tongue from not drinking enough liquid
durian medicine
morbidly obese monarchs
sinus tube eye
lifes just beachy
how much does lychee usually cost at a supermarket in michigan
raspberry honey bowel
parasites swarm orange juice
smurfette junk food

I love it…it’s so funny for me to see how people end up reading my stuff…and I'm sure these lines could be easily re-arranged into 'modern poetry' and passed off as performance art...anyway, if you’re one of those people who ‘accidentally’ ended up on this blog page while searching for, perhaps, the ‘average weight of a morbidly obese smurfette in Michigan’ or something similar, WELCOME, I do hope you find all you need here… ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. Hi Angela,
    I know this is not related to raw food but can you tell me what is the tool you are using for the keyword monitoring?
    Thanks for that!

    P.S. I really enjoy your blog and all the information you provide.

  2. Hi Karine :)
    no worries - yes, I use - they have a wonderful free service :)
    Angela. xxx