Monday, 8 October 2007

I'd like to thank my teachers, my friends, my...

OOOOoooo, I’m very excited. I am delighted to say that I’ve received an award for being an ‘Inspirational Blogger’ – WOW :) Thanks so much…Here’s the award I got:

It came from this site and I’ve put it on the right side of the RawReform E-Journal homepage. However, the most beautiful part of this award-giving is that I now get to pass the award on to 5 other blogsters and share the love…WOW, how sweet…well, as today is Thanksgiving here in Canada, this seems all very appropriate ;) Read on below to see who I am sending the award on to…

on October the 7th I had:

700ml water
1 litre watermelon/cucumber/orange juice
1 Chinese Pear
500ml water
bowl of ‘mushroom’ soup with freshly made corn/flax crackers, pumpkin seed butter and dulse
300ml peppermint tea
1 litre green juice with carrot
bowl of ‘mushroom’ soup with sea spaghetti seaweed mixed with hemp seed butter and granulated wrack seaweed
500ml water
little bunch of yellow-green gorgeous grapes
500ml water

Ok, it was challenging for me to choose who to pass on the 'Inspirational Blogger' award to and I’d love to send it to all blogsters out there who are sharing the raw healing msg…however, 5 it says, so, here are my five nominations, in no particular order:

Raw Canadian Girl Blog
This is written by the inimitable Margi, over in Ontario. Margi is a delightful writer with a passion for simple living, biking and foraging… She has a great deal of insights to share and does so earnestly and without pretense – beautiful ;) Take a look what she’s been up to here:

The Raw Kitchen
This site is also known as ‘Shell’s Holistic Blog’ and is written by divine diva Shell over in Brighton, England. Aside from making simply the most exquisite, loved-up raw cakes available, Shell has a beautiful way of sharing her truth online too with her writing – dive in HERE:

Raw Food Right Now
Hosted by yumsters Heidi and Justin Ohlander, this site is a magical treasure-trove of useful info for raw fooders in the ‘real world’. They have even put together an incredible ‘ultimate-list-of-raw-food-blogs’, which currently contains 150 different blogs – WOW :O A beautiful example of loved-up raw ‘public service’ work ;) See

on October the 8th I had:

1 litre water
900ml green juice with carrot
bowl of longans – MMMmmmm – this was fun – I’ve never really had them much before – very yummy…seem to range in taste from caramelly to peppery…
bowl of ‘mushroom’ soup with flax crackers, dulse and pumpkin seed butter
500ml water
little bunch of yellow-green grapes
900ml green juice with carrot
bowl of sea spaghetti seaweed with hemp seed and granulated wrack seaweed

Xocolati @ Qito
Eeeeek, watch out, it’s the cheeky little Aquarian choco-nymph of London herself…Ms Suki Zoe… self-described ‘colonic hydrotherapist, chocolatier, writer, artist, chavutti and mischief maker’, Suki has no fear of telling it like it is – it seems perhaps Wordpress feel differently however, as her site seems to be down right now...hmmm…check back here sometime:

We Like It Raw
Mmmmm, this long-standing raw blog is such a gem – it’s like a giant portal into so many intertwining raw food threads. Headed up by huge-hearted Dhrumil in the New York area, this site provides cutting-edge, useful raw info in a friendly, funny, sassy way – just lovely :) Check it out here:

Ok, so that’s my five nominations – I’ll be emailing them all to pass on the love directly…I hope you enjoyed this little exploration into raw inspiration as much as I have and that the flow continues on round the raw blogging community... ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. Wow, this is definitely an inspirational blog! Congratulations on your award, and keep up the fabulous blogging:)

  2. Congratulations Gorgeous One!!
    and THANK YOU so much :)
    (if i hadn't just checked my stats i never would have known)..
    all LOVE to you
    Suki x

    (i'm back up now. phew)

  3. Congratulations for your recognition! Your hard work is benefitting those who read your pages. :-)