Sunday, 7 October 2007

I am the weaver, I am the woven one, I am the dreamer, I am the dream...

If we were to watch a weaver sewing a tapestry for only a few moments, and focused on only a small piece of the work, it would not look beautiful. It would look like a few peculiar threads randomly placed. How often we use that same, limited perspective to look at our life - especially when we are going through a difficult time.

Beautiful quotes like this help me to breathe through the challenging times... I am feeling saaaaaaaaaaad today. Matt’s gone back to the US again…and…I’m still here in Canada…hmmmmm…I like it here, yet would be back down in the US and with my man in a heartbeat if possible…ho-hummmm…lots of breathing deep and letting go here…waiting for the visa blahblah to unravel itself…and accepting that this too shall pass… ;)

On October the 5th I had:

1 litre water
1.5 litres watermelon juice
1 litre green juice with carrot
1 atamoya
bowl of durian blended with mulberries and freshly picked blackberries – mmmmmMMMMmmmmm ;)green Vega bar
500ml water
800ml green juice with carrots
500ml water

I am also extremely sad to be absent from the Raw Spirit Festie next weekend…it’s going to be SUCH a tremendous event and I am SO excited for all of you who are going to co-create this amazing happening…mmmmm, well, I’m with you, in the ether…aaaand, happy raw events are happening here in Canada too, after all ;) We just spoke to a gorgeous little raw potluck gathering last night for example and I plan to also speak at YogaWest on Oct 27th, from 3pm (2662 West 4th Ave, Vancouver)…keep an eye on for updates and I hope to see you there if you’re around… ;)

on October the 6th I had:

1 litre water
1 litre watermelon/pineapple juice
bunch of exquisite yellow-green grapes
800ml green juice with carrot
bowl of ‘mushroom’ soup – (From Ani Phyo’s book: brazil nuts, garlic, water, salt, olive oil) with dulse and a chopped apple
500ml water
plate of yummy savoury raw potluck food, bowl of delicious pieces of raw desserts
1 litre water

Would you like to help me film some exclusive raw food promo footage? I’m looking for someone with a Sony Z1U HD Camera to work on a piece with me for a large-scale raw food production. If you (or somebody you know) have suitable camera experience and are (preferably) in the west of Canada somewhere, do drop me a line at and let me know…

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. You are with us and we are with you! Now, at Raw Spirit, and always! Thank you for all you do - you are so loved.