Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Feral Phone Woman on Facebook... ;)

Hmmmmm…so…I’m still in Canada…and it’s starting to get cold here – there was thick frost the last few mornings – a definite sign for me that it’s time to shimmy on out ;) …and indeed, I was due to be in Australia by now…and yet…and yet…and…yet…the latest thrilling installment of visa blahblah intervened and so here I still am…ho-hummmmmmm…off to OZ next weekend now instead and in the meantime, well, it is giving me wonderful opportunity to get on with masses of writing for my new book, which I’m so excited about and can currently be found squeaking about enthusiastically on the phone, daily…(see picture above as evidence ;) I am feeling SO immensely blessed at the technology we have available to stay in contact with loved ones these days. Through Skype video-conferencing, I get to ‘be’ with Matt every day, even if he’s thousands of miles away down there in the States…in the last few days I’ve been to two lectures with him, met the guests at his magnificent raw ice cream party and today even got to join in on the GORGEOUS women’s singing circle I used to sing with back there in California…hmmmmmm…I am so grateful that I am able to participate in this way – and for FREE – Skype is so amazing…if you haven’t ever checked it out, I’d highly recommend it…you can sign up for free Skype calls HERE.

On October the 28th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups alfalfa/romaine/spinach/celery/carrot/ginger
2 cups water
bowl of sea spaghetti mixed with pumpkin seed butter, salt and hemp seed
piece of raw chocolate/cinnamon shortbread cake. Base – mixture of ground almonds, raw honey, lucuma powder and cinnamon. Frosting – coconut oil mixed with raw honey and cacao powder. Yummmm ;)
1 quart water
1 quart celery/carrot/alfalfa juice
1 persimmon
3 cups water

I have been dancing like a feral woman the last few days…lol…I am in LOVE with ecstatic dancing bliss…as I said, it’s kind of cold and rainy too here at the moment, so, rather than go out for my usual daily jog, I’ve been cranking up the toooooons and dancing like a banshee in the living room. I LOVE IT. It feels sooooooo immensely liberating and energising for my whole body – I let it move as it wants to, going with the flow – it is deeply meditative for me and I feel totally at one with spirit and connected. It’s an ecstatic state for me – it feels so good that at times I almost can’t handle it, as my body shakes and jostles and spins and grinds as it likes, releasing tension, un-stiffening joints, freeing endorphins…sometimes the movements surprise even me – I’ll see a reflection of myself and am amazed I can even move like that…ahhhhhhh…I absolutely recommend putting on some bumpin’ music and going wild in your living room – yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-HAH :)))

on October the 29th I had:

3 cups water
1 cup warm water with lemon
1 quart celery/carrot/ginger/apple juice
bowl of blended bananas mixed with ground almonds, ground flax seed, maca, cinnamon, mulberries and pumpkin seeds
1 cup water
bowl of sea spaghetti seaweed mixed with hemp seed butter, salt, sliced sundried tomatoes, grated carrot and grated sunchoke
2 cups water
1 Asian pear
2 cups water
1 quart cucumber/cilantro/spinach/romaine/carrot/sunchoke juice
2 cups water

Ok, I finally did it…I let go into the flow and joined Facebook ;) The invitations to join have been popping up repeatedly in the last months and my resistance finally snapped ;) You can see my page HERE…it seems nice to me – much more user-friendly than MySpace, from my POV…I also took this opportunity to create a new page on the RawReform website, which gathers together all the places on the internet where you can find RawReform, web-wide, on portals like these – you can see that new page HERE… Enjoy ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. I love your posts, Angela. They are so inspiring; your positivity is catching! But what is see spaghetti? I am curious.

  2. Hi Angela - tis a super post, and is that an impression of an erstwhile Moose you are doing with your hands in that picture there.... If so, it's dead good!

    Just read with interest your post about web-conferencing, and thought I'd let you know about OovoO - free video conferencing software, that enables you to chat with upto 5 other people at once (6 of you in all)!

    It's really rather good - perhaps you and 5 of the other choral society could sing a ballad of Canadian love to Matt? :-)

    Take care

    Molly x