Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Monarchs, mushrooms and mags...

OOoOOooOooOoooo, yumminess…so…Mr Monarch left the Raw Spirit Fest on Monday morning, sat in a car driving back to California…and decided he actually wanted to come and see me in Canada instead…so, outlandish romantic that he is, he jumped on a plane, flew on back to me and arrived here late Monday night… :) Yeeeeeeeeee-HAH…I am VERY happy :)))
He brought me the most INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL gift…he'd bought a video camera just before the Raw Spirit Fest and spent the whole weekend there filming parts of the event for me, collecting greetings from old and new friends and SO much more…it is absolute YUMMINESS…I am so grateful to all of you who participated, THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU :) I will share some of it when I get my editing skills a bit more finely the meantime, HERE's a just-released 6-minute summary clip of the festie from raw lovebug Philip McCluskey:

on October the 16th I had:

1 litre water
800ml green juice with carrot
Amazon Bliss butter with a sliced apple and a small handful of dulse
800ml green juice with carrot
500ml water
1 box of longans
½ durian blended with frozen bananas, maca and cinnamon and swirled with goji berries
1.2 litres water

Hmmmm…somewhat bizarrely, lots of you have suddenly started emailing me about kombucha…questions like: how do you make it? Where do you get it from? Why were you drinking lots and now not drinking any? and so on…
Ok…well, back in my early raw days, I was fortunate to receive a piece of kombucha mushroom from some dear friends. I found the fact that it’s made with standard black tea and white sugar extremely curious…yet went with it and started making my own batches of it…I liked it and felt good having it, so kept going with it…then my travelling lifestyle intervened…and as with many things, making kombucha on the road didn’t seem very viable…and it just kind of fell out of my life – I left the mushroom with a friend and shimmied off to other raw pursuits…
Then a few weeks ago we were in Montreal and met some BEAUTIFUL people who are brewing up big batches of amazing flavoured kombucha with MUCH love…they were catering an event we did – I tried the kombucha and really liked it, so we got some bottles of it – HENCE I was drinking it daily for a while there…then when the bottles of that ran out, I stopped drinking it again – simple ;) It is reputed to ease myriad ‘health issues’ – from candida to skin issues to digestive trouble and so on…
Intriguingly enough, in the first book of Anastasia, she actually mentions that one can make a SPACESHIP from the Kombucha mushroom…lol…you’ll have to read it for yourself to get the design specifics... ;)
It seems that in the States at least, you can now get Kombucha bottled in many natural food stores. If you can get hold of a piece of the mushroom (also known as the ‘mother’) from somewhere (you can even buy it online these days it seems...), you can start making it yourself…you just need the mushroom, black tea, white sugar and water (…yes, I know, strange yet true…here is ONE SITE that shows you how to make it – there are many sites out there with slightly different methods…)…it MAY also interest you to see some of the conversations on the Juice Feaster’s Google Group that have been kicking around on the subject of Kombucha – see HERE - some interesting stuff...
Alright, that’s plenty of kombucha rambling for now…

on October the 17th I had:

1 litre water
350ml orange/celery juice
500ml green juice with carrot
bowl of ½ durian blended with frozen bananas, cinnamon, maca, swirled with goji berries
700ml water
1 persimmon
500ml green juice with carrot
bowl of sea spaghetti covered with a mix of pumpkin seed butter mixed with a sundried tomato paste, with dulse and flax crackers
1 litre water

The second half of my interview in online raw mag Pear Magazine is out now. The magazine is celebrating its second birthday this month and also includes articles by a teen raw columnist, plus interviews with Karen Knowler and Heidi and Justin from Raw Food, Right Now. Hurray :) You can order your copy via Storm and Jinjee's site, HERE...

One love,
Angela. xxx


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