Monday, 15 October 2007

BLOG ACTION DAY...(and 'no-email-action' day ;)

This comment was left by Heidi today and I replied to it on the comments section, but am copying it all here as well, as I want to be sure everyone sees it who may want to know... ;)
Heidi said:
I have been trying to reach you via email, but I can't get through to your email. I keep getting undeliverable messages via Please let me know if you have a new email address? Perhaps your email is down?
Hope to talk to you soon,
~ Heidi

I replied:
THANK YOU for your message - yes, having major issues with all '' emails right now, I'm very sorry to say :( Apologies to all of you who have been trying to send messages there and find they bounce back...The email server gremlins seem to have monkeyed the whole thing at the moment...some 'webmasters' are currently working on fixing the issue though ;) Please send good ju-ju their way and hopefully all of your messages won't have been warped into cyber-space...In the meantime, please re-direct any messages to if you want to be sure they get through...

Ok...(exhale), on with the show ;)

Secondly...WOW, today NewsTarget published one of my weight loss articles as their lead article in a whole email blast about raw foods. If you’re not familiar with the work of NewsTarget and its founder, Mike Adams, I’d highly recommend checking it out. They send out email shots most days with cutting-edge alternative health info. It is an extremely popular email service, with over 100,000 subscribers I believe…and today, raw foods got highlighted in a big email blast to that whole list…WOW...imagine if ALL those people shimmied a little further into the light of raw foods, what am impact that would have... :)…aside from my article, which you can see HERE, Mike Adams himself also just posted an insightful personal report from the Raw Spirit Fest – see HERE, plus another article examines gluten intolerance…

on October the 15th I had:

1.2 litres water
800ml green juice with carrot
bowl of soaked dried figs blended with hemp seeds and cinnamon – RIDICULOUSLY yummy and simple…
1 litre water
800ml green juice with carrot
bowl of sea spaghetti with pumpkin seed butter and granulated wrack
Pro2Go packs for ‘dessert’ ;)
1.5 litres water

Thirdly (yet by no means lastly ;) – October the 15th – is officially ‘Blog Action Day’, wherein bloggers all over the world form a ‘united front’ to blog on the same topic, hence drawing attention to that subject. The theme this year is ‘The Environment’…hmmmmmm…well, well, well…what would I like to share about the environment…??? Where to begin…? I think I will give my top ten tips for ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONaction, after all, is where it’s at – we can read and write all the blahblah we like about the environment – taking action is the key for real, lasting shifts…so, here we go, in no particular order

1. Compost your food scraps and re-use/recycle all else that you can of your waste. Start TODAY. (Hmmmm...have I ever mentioned composting before…??? ;) Are you starting to see a pattern emerging here…? ;)

2. Grow your own food – even if it’s in window boxes, plant pots or indoors – get truly ‘local’ with your food choices and grow your own.

3. Choose organic, if you’re not already. That goes for food, clothes and anything else where you have a choice. You vote with your dollar on these matters every single day – what are you going to choose?

4. Learn more about foraging – the more people who are able to identify edible plants and make use of them/educate others, the better, in my opinion. This is a HIGHLY valuable skill.

5. Read the Anastasia books and put what you learn into practice. NOTHING in recent years has motivated me more to get to a piece of land and start raising my own food and family than these books.

6. Try walking or riding a bike somewhere you would normally drive a car to reach. Re-evaluate this journey. Do you really ‘need’ to use a vehicle to get there, or are actually driving from habit?

7. Plant some trees OR support charities that do so. We support The Woodland Trust in the UK and The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, based in the US.

8. Pick up some litter in YOUR area – caring for the earth is something we can all do. Maybe you didn’t drop that litter yourself. You could pick it up though. Try seeing all pieces of land, all aspects of nature - the whole picture - as something you are connected to.

9. Cease using new plastic/paper bags at shops. Invest in some fabric bags or ‘bags for life’, as sold in many supermarkets these days. Keep some in your vehicle, or near your keys etc – somewhere you will remember to take them with you to the shops. If you live in a country where the shops do not yet charge you for each plastic bag you use, try to imagine you DO live somewhere like that…imagine each bag cost you $1 – then how many would you use?

10. Dry your clothes OUTSIDE IN THE AIR/SUN whenever possible. Tumble dryers are one of the most energy-consuming appliances in the home.

Ok…that will do for now ;) I could have gone on for a few more pages there…10 is a good start…I’d recommend checking out the site of The Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales for more ideas…I used to live/work there…it’s a phenomenal place…

One Earth, one love,
Angela. xxx


  1. Hi Angela! I stumbled across your blog and web site yesterday thanks to Mike Adams. ;) Bought your trio of ebooks as well. I look forward to diving in. I am very curious about raw foods and have already pledged to attend the Raw Spirit Festival next year. Your story was amazing...hope to read more about your journey in the future!

  2. Dry cloths in the sun/air outside is a very good idea. It also gives longer life than washing cloths in dryer. Most of all anything related nature makes perfect environment.
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