Thursday, 5 April 2007

Away-days and Almonds...

The last couple of days have been pretty full-on for me with filming for two different TV shows…it’s been LOADS of fun ;)

On April the 4th I had:

500ml water
600ml veggie juice
800ml veggie juice
3 apples
1.5 raw Thai spring rolls
1 litre water
400ml ‘elixir’ tea
kelp noodle ‘Pad Thai’
coconut/chocolate mousse dessert
450ml spice tea
300ml water

This was a really fun day filming in lots of different locations around LA, including some great raw food hangouts – I LOVE Erewhon, the huge natural foods supermarket – their raw section and promotion is just phenomenal – we picked up some pre-prepared Thai raw spring rolls there that I’d never seen before and they were DELICIOUS – the ‘skin’ of the spring roll was young Thai coconut meat blended and dehydrated into sheets, sprinkled with black sesame seeds and wrapped around veg…very very yummy and felt very ‘clean’ and easy to digest too – lots of high water-content veg in there… in the evening we visited one of the lovely Leaf Cuisine establishments too and their new Pad Thai meal with KELP noodles was SUCH an interesting experience for me…I am fascinated to know how they made them or where they’re from…I’ve never seen them before…it was extremely reminiscent of eating pasta…great stuff...

Today I have had:
500ml water
2 apples, 1 kale leaf
500ml water
300ml almond milk
Handful of soaked, sprouted, dehydrated seeds
400ml water
½ avocado w/cilantro, basil, sauerkraut, grated carrot
1 banana, 1 tbsp hemp seeds, handful of figs, 2 tbsps coconut ice cream
700ml green juice
500ml water

Filming started early today and has been a hilarious whirlwind of activity all day – wow, TV studios are such a different reality for me – the make-up and hair spray and lights and so on….it’s good fun to play those games for a while ;) I am so very unaccustomed to wearing make-up now though – I feel as if I look like a bit of a ‘drag queen’ with TV make-up on…they assure me it all looks natural on film… ;) we’ll see…
I made almond milk in a food demo today and it went down really well with the people on set…then I used the pulp to make some little ‘truffle’ treats for them too…the world of raw almonds is being pretty severely rocked around at the moment though, with bizarre threats bouncing about that all almonds must be pasteurised from now on in California…hmmmmmmm…seems very curious and undesirable to me…and there is currently a petition building to protest about this – if you haven’t accessed this already, you can see it and sign it here:

All blessings to all,
Angela. xxx

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