Friday, 20 April 2007

Eat Raw Live Long ;)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew, the windy city has me almost blown off my feet with activity this week – so much going on right now - I had SUCH a great time speaking at Cousin’s restaurant a couple of nights ago…what a wonderful place and thanks to all who turned out for the event…Mehmet Ak, the owner, used to run 4 ‘standard’ Turkish restaurants in Chicago, then went raw, lost 90lbs and now runs this amazing raw Turkish-inspired restaurant/shop/event space…amazing exotic food, lovely staff and it’s all painted a beautiful greeeeeeeen colour ;) Mehmet was telling me about all kinds of raw food things that are unfolding in Turkey at the moment – wow, who would have thought it – not me…wouldn’t be the most obvious place to me to set up raw endeavours, but apparently there’s some amazing things kicking off over there…might be time for a visit back that way sometime soon… ;)

On April the 18th I had:

700ml water
400ml tea
700ml green juice
apple-flax meal with gojis and cacao
700ml water
hemp/acai shake
500ml green juice
500ml water
500ml clove tea
sample platter of salads at Cousin’s IV raw restaurant
samples of Cousin’s cheesecakes – strawberry, French vanilla and beetroot flavours ;)
500ml water

Thanks to all of you who have been checking out the video I did with Jinjee and sending me in your comments – YES, it was a really great experience for me…glad you’re enjoying it too ;)
Also, ‘M’ left a comment here on this blog a few days back asking for examples of people who have been raw vegan for a long time – over 10 years – and whether this lifestyle seems to serve our wellbeing in the long-run…well, I would say Storm and Jinjee and their amazing family of 5 little raw people would definitely be a case-in-hand of how this lifestyle can help people to shine and thrive…Storm’s been raw for around 30 years or smthg astonishing like that…and he’s HUGE and ultra-healthy, very active…they made a whole documentary about their lives in fact – Breakthrough – if you haven’t seen that already – it is beautiful…raw vegan kids are quite AMAZING ;)
Other people I know who have been in this game a long ol’ time and are thriving include:

Magic Kate
Fred Bisci
Happy Oasis
Paul Nison

My feeling is that RAW FOOD can work for all body types – wherever you’re living, whatever you’re up to, whatever age you are, etc etc – whether that’s raw VEGAN food or involves other products, that’s up to you…it seems to me that the main KEY is that the food is RAW rather than processed/cooked – just like the way all the other animals eat. There are tribes all over the world that lived traditionally on raw food that was not vegan and have impeccable health records – e.g. the Inuits with their seal meat and blubber, the Masai who sustain their kids for days at a time on mixtures of raw blood and milk and so on…is this stuff OPTIMAL for the human system…? Well…perhaps not...but we humans did a pretty great job spreading ourselves out all over this globe and some of us ended up in places that don’t have the greatest access to…goji berries and fresh pineapple ;) so, it seems to me that as long as the foods we take in are RAW, we’re on a healthier path than dealing with processed things…as for me, I have been on this path for 5 years, and 100% raw/basically vegan (sometimes have bee pollen and honey) for 2 years now…and I feel GREAT ;)

On April the 19th I had:

700ml water
500ml tea
400ml green juice
leftovers from Cousin’s Restaurant – dandelion salad, flax crackers, marinated egg-plant, wild rice salad, etc
500ml water
coconut/cacao treats
1 litre water
400ml tea
2 litres water
1 apple

I discovered that there is an infra-red sauna in the house I am staying in…woooooooooo-hooooooooo ;) I LOVE these things…intense heat, incredibly good for sweating out toxins…I sat in there for a good long time and felt really ultra clean and shiny afterwards…yummmmm…my body moved into a state of just wanting liquids as a result – huge amounts of water…there was actually a durian open in the house, but I didn’t even touch it – my body felt so great to be in a cleansing state and I just stayed with that instead… ;)
I am excited about Green Fest this weekend here in Chicago – it is going to be huuuuuuuuuuuuge…hope to see some of you there if you can make it… ;)

All love for now,
Angela. xxx


  1. Very inspiring post!

  2. thanks for the information, dear angela.
    keep being the gorgeous self you are!