Sunday, 1 April 2007

Liver Cleanse Day 3...

Day three of liver cleanse juice fasting today and it’s been another great day in this liquid landscape…some ups and downs along the way, but feeling grand overall - here’s a little video about today’s adventures:

Today I have had:
700ml water with lemon juice
200ml Satsuma juice
juice of one Thai coconut
200ml watercress/dandelion/turnip greens/radish greens/parsley
600ml spinach/carrot/sunflower greens/romaine lettuce/peagreens/Jerusalem artichoke
1 litre apple/celery/cucumber juice
700ml beet/carrot/cucumber juice
water of one Thai coconut
800ml carrots/Jerusalem artichoke/spinach/fenugreek/celery/sunflower sprouts
300ml water

Hmmmmm…I’m noticing that the Thai coconuts really aren’t feeling that great in my body compared to the fresh ones I was enjoying in Costa Rica over winter…these ones here seem to leave a slightly ‘harsh’ plastic-y feel in my mouth and throat…they definitely don’t feel as ‘alive’ or vibrant to me as really fresh cocos…
I’d also love to share that I’m also taking a little probiotics and digestive enzymes while on this juice fast…to support the colon and increase the cleansing power…and the protocol we’re following is more-or-less that outlined by Andreas Moritz in ‘The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush’.

Things I am grateful for and happy about today:

*starting a compost heap in the garden here – HURRAY…I find it very challenging to live in places without composting, especially in a house full of raw it was such a joy to me today to dig out a space to deposit all our lovely outcastings, back to the earth…

*I’m feeling SO energised and healthy and GREEN-ed back on juices…my skin seems to look healthier than ever before to me…wow, I feel doing a juice feast here in Southern California would be amazing…such an abundance of fresh organic produce – especially greens…and indeed, our delicious housemate here is just starting to Juice Feast…today was her first day and she has begun a blog which you can check out here:

*…it’s very interesting for me to see someone else Juice Feasting, right here in front of me – people email every day saying they’re juice feasting, which is SO wonderful and to now actually see someone else doing it right here is really inspiring ;) It also means we are now a completely liquid household – all on juices right now…high vibes going on…and I LOVE that the juicer is just working all day – no cleaning it in-between – it just keeps on going, which is so nice – cuts down on so much cleaning time…

So, today marked the start of April and the last few days of the Raw Chocolate Company’s delicious chocolate giveaway…they are offering three CASES of their amazing treats to three lucky entrants, drawn at random…all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning some divine chocs is email details of your own favourite homemade raw treats to: and the winners will be selected at random in just a few days’ time…best wishes to all – we look forward to reading about your creations and might even try some out when we’re back into the world of solids again... ;)

All blessings,
Angela. xxx


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