Saturday, 31 March 2007

Liver Cleanse Juice Fast - Day 2

Soooooo…Day 2 of this Juice Fast Liver Cleanse and all is going great – feeling wonderful – here’s another little YouTube video from today…(

Today I have had:

500ml water with lemon juice
1 litre apple/celery/cucumber juice
water of one Thai coconut
500ml water
200ml dandelion, carrot and turnip greens juice
1 litre apple/celery/cucumber juice
water of one Thai coconut
2 tsp green powder
700ml beet/carrot/cucumber juice
700ml carrot/Jerusalem artichoke/watercress/spinach/romaine lettuce/sunflower sprouts
300ml water

Here’s what Dr Norman Walker says about the INTENSE dandelion/turnip/carrot juice:

“Carrot Dandelion Turnip greens – high in calcium and magnesium. This juice combination is the best calcium supplement one can take. No vegetable contains as high a percentage of calcium as the juice of turnip leaves, the calcium being more then one-half of all the other minerals and salts combined. This combination helps the hardening of the teeth as well as the entire bone structure of the body. The very high magnesium content of the dandelion together with the calcium in the turnip leaves and the elements in the carrot combine to give the bone structure firmness and strength.” (Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, by Dr. Norman Walker, pg 59)

…yep…intense stuff and intensely beneficial for the body too…
I really sugared out this afternoon though after the apple juices and coconut waters…more balance would be nice – rather than intense greens to super-sweet – combining the two might feel more beneficial… ;) the green powders later on helped me balance out a bit too...
I noticed a nice pattern around juicing/foods today in myself…I would see something that I was drawn to EAT – be it figs or coconut meat or apples, then my mind would make me aware that it’s just juices again at the moment – but the fun part was realising: it’s ONLY 4 daysin a few days' time, I will be back on solids – not another 3 months ;) that feels fun…4 days feels like a drop in the juicy ocean now after 3 months of liquids ;)

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One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Love your blog. I'm on day 22 of my 30-40 day juice cleanse. I love to keep focused and read what others have to say about cleansing!!
    Thank you...