Thursday, 29 March 2007

Beauty Overflowing...

The latest issue of the fabulous Funky Raw magazine is out now, including an article by me about Juice Feasting…and the great news is that Rob is now offering the mag in e-format too, so that those outside the UK/Europe can access it more quickly/easily…see for more info and to order…

On March the 27th I had:

300ml water
500ml water with lemon juice
300ml prune soak water
200g soaked prunes
apple pie – pecan/raisins/mesquite base, apples/cinnamon/nutmeg/coconut butter/agave middle, macadamia/coconut water/vanilla/prunes sauce
500ml mint tea
500ml water
200g nut/seed trail mix
green salad with jicama, lime juice and avocado, with nori sheets stuffed with mixture of hemp seed/flax oil/Himalayan salt
500ml mint tea
300ml water

It was fun to make cake in the middle of the day…it was great for me to get into the kitchen and play with food a bit – let my creativity flow through that outlet instead for a while…it was a yummy creation…I’m still interested to hear about YOUR favourite home-made treats too for this month’s RawReform prize giveaway of cases of exceptional raw chocolates from The Raw Chocolate Company in the UK. Just email details of your favourite treat to and three blessed beings will be receiving batches of oompah-lumpah loved-up cacao bliss early next month ;)

It’s a month until the next retreat I’m holding and I’m excited. It’s a women’s Juice Feasting/weight loss retreat at Ronora Lodge in Michigan, from April 25th to May 2nd…we’re going to be TREATing ourselves to a 5-day juice feast, yoga classes, emotional healing sessions, massage, nature walks, meditations, dancing, sharing circles and masses more…it’s going to be a magical time and there’s still room for a few more lovely ladies, so check out more details here:
We had a womens’ song circle gathering tonight and it was soooooo yummy…I LOVE raising up the Goddess energy with other beautiful beings in a capella bliss ;) singing bowl, fresh flowers, tea, resonance, sisters united in harmonic bliss…YUMMY…singing is such an important form of expression for my being – that’s how I can tell if I’m truly feeling happy and relaxed somewhere, if I start spontaneously singing – and these song circles give me lots of new lovely tunes to fuel my song banks with… ;)

Today I have had…

700ml water with lemon juice
500ml spice tea
400ml greens/carrot juice
bowl of protein-power meal – bananas, seeds, hemp protein powder, dried figs with 2 nori sheets stuffed with hemp seeds/flax oil/Himalayan sea salt
700ml water
1 fuji apple
500ml green juice
meal of courgette (zucchini) ‘pasta’ with pesto sauce, accompanied by seaweed/jicama salad
amazing bits and pieces of raw cookie dough ice cream creations ;)
500ml mint tea
300ml water

I felt nauseous in the afternoon from all the fat at lunchtime – I was really keen to try out this amazing banana/seeds etc meal that I keep seeing here and so went for it, but it was really a bit much with the nori rolls too and my body went into a kind of nauseous state…oops…ok, message received… ;)
It was SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun today to watch my beautiful raw GODDESS friend Kate Wood on TV in Iceland - I lived up in Iceland for around 3.5 years, on and off and she went up recently to hold some raw events and was the Icelandic TV coverage of her visit - click on 'Hrafaedi' (raw food) to watch the piece:

Ég elska ykkur öll ;) - I Love You ALL ;)
Angela. xxx

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  1. Funky Raw looks very interesting. I just went and subscribed. Thanks for the tip.