Monday, 26 March 2007

What IS the point of salads...?

We were talking here today again about the ‘point’ of salads…during my Juice Feasting, some raw friends often told me that salads are slow and complicated to digest. I found it hard to relate to the idea while juicing, but as I came back on to solids, realised exactly what they meant. I started out eating the prunes and juicy fruits and they digested so easily, especially as mono-meals. Then the salads I started to introduce, even though very simple – just 5/6 ingredients – felt very different. It would take about 5 hours it seemed just to digest a simple salad. Wow.
So, I’ve been thinking recently about the principle of ‘eating your fruits and drinking your vegetables’ and wondering about that as a guiding principle…how might it be to just eat fruits in mono-meals and drink green juices for some time…I think it would be an interesting experiment…I bounced this idea around a bit today and received some interesting feedback…basically that yes, salads do indeed take a long time to digest, but are likely much more beneficial in the long-run as a source of solids…the ‘main point’ of eating solids can be seen as acting like a fiber broom to clear toxins out…the real nutrient hits can be received much more easily from juices…the solids are more just like cleaning apparatus when taking it to that level, so yes, eating fruit and drinking greens is a possibility, but in the long-run would likely involve more complications than enjoyment, as the sugars would instigate more gas and bloating etc, imbalances, whereas the salads are more ‘filling’, grounding and neutral overall…hmmmmmm…more food for thought, as always in these explorations….we’ll see…I’m still intrigued to try out the solid fruits/liquid veggies idea for a while sometime at least ;)

Today I have had:

700ml water with lemon juice
500ml spice tea
500ml greens/carrot juice
one avocado with lime juice, cilantro, lettuce, black salt, dulse and nori
3 date rolls
10 strawberries with vanilla/chocolate raw ice cream
500ml spice tea
500ml water
bowl of kale/tomato/dulse/peas/lemon juice/avo salad
2 date rolls
500ml spice tea
300ml water

MANY THANKS for the messages about the moth encounter yesterday and for all the info about these magical creatures – here’s what I learnt from following the links sent in…

Antheraea polyphemus (Polyphemus Moth)
This is one of the largest insects in North America and, while it usually causes a sensation when seen, it is not uncommon here. In classical mythology Polyphemus was a one-eyed Cyclops who battled with Odysseus, and this is remembered by the large transparent eye-like spot in each wing. As with other saturniids, the adult has no functional proboscis and it does not feed. The male has large, feathery antennae.
They do not feed as adults, living only for a week or so as adults in spring or early summer.

WOW, I find it very interesting that they do not feed…that they seem to just come here and experience and then when they’re done, they’re done and they check out again…they’re so mystical to me…

Here is a lovely quote that inspired me recently from

“…realize that the one task you can best address at any given moment is the one which is most aligned with your innermost joy.”

I hear that…seek true joy and the magic will easily unfold from there…mmmmmm-hmmmmmmm… ;)
One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. hi angela! i enjoyed your blog today on juices and salads, i try to make my salads as simple as possible so that they do digest easier but definitely agree that they are needed for their fiber and also just the simple enjoyment of having something to munch on and get that meal sort of satisfaction, if that makes any sense.
    love your blog, thanks again for all the great posts, they definitely help me motivated on a day to day basis because they keep me connected to the reasons that i chose this lifestyle and why it is so fantastic!

  2. If you decide to try the solid fruit/liquid veggies idea I will be very interested to read about your results in your blog which I am enjoying immensely. Take care.