Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Raising up the Goddess...

A sticker I saw on the wall in a raw food restaurant today really spoke to me…it said…’Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History’…wow…I can really resonate with that…it seems as if there are so many social pressures for women to respond to that can contribute to them feeling like they are ‘unseen/hidden/not in their power’…isolating nuclear family structures and the role of the ‘good little wife’ and so on can create such empty spaces…well, while it is not necessarily my goal to ‘make history’ or be ‘badly behaved’ ;), it is definitely a passion of mine to see women step more into their own power and beauty, not hiding their light…I find that sharing and creating strong kinship bonds with other women is so key in that process and that is something I am drawing into my life right now – raising up the Goddess energy and LOVING it ;)

On March the 13th I had:

1 litre water with lemon juice
500ml greens/carrot juice
cherimoya/avo/vanilla bean/figs blend
raw food bar
1 litre water
1 bowl of salad with radishes, avo and sundried tomatoes
3 dried figs
400ml water

The last couple of days I have been operating at a much slower pace than usual…I pulled a muscle in my neck, which limited my mobility enough to slow me down…things like this manifest for me (nearly ALWAYS on the left side of my body) from time to time when things may otherwise get very ‘fast’ – I appreciate it as a gift for slowing down and getting back more into the body, as there feels like there is not much other choice ;)
It didn’t stop me from starting to have fun today with a friend who used to be a personal trainer…she began to teach another friend and I a workout routine today…and it was SO much fun – I have been wanting to do something like this for a while now, with someone who knows what they’re talking about and…up she popped ;) It feels so great to me to be trying out things with other people these days – I spent most of my life so far doing things on my own and being quite insular and private…now is the time for me to embrace contrasting experiences and I am loving reaching out and sharing with others :) we’re planning to run through the workout routines together a few times a week – it feels so much more fun to do it together :)

Today I have had:
500ml water with lemon juice
300ml water
1 pint of greens/carrot juice
400ml lime juice/mint ‘cooler’ drink
250ml greens/carrot juice
1 pint greens/carrot juice
200ml celery/beet/cucumber juice
800ml honeybush tea
1 tbsp green powder
one and a half durians
500ml honeybush tea
300ml water

I juice fasted most of the day today – on Norwalk juices…WOW…the contrast in the quality of that juice compared to using a little centrifugal machine these last few weeks is amazing…it tastes SO clean and vibrant and creamy in comparison, from the Norwalk
I got very cold during the day today while fasting – I was doing an interview for LifeOnTheGreenSide TV and we were filming in the shade of a magnificent old tree in a park…the contrast in temperature between the shade and sun was enormous… plus no fruit juices meant it seemed much easier for my body to get colder with all the green juice…it felt so great to be back on liquids for most of the day though…wow…what a RELIEF…I love it…it feels so much easier to me to be on liquids than solids…I really resonate with it so much more…funny to be on a ‘fast’ again though, rather than ‘FEAST’ – mentally it felt like a very different space to me…it felt less ‘full’ than when Feasting, …then we broke the juice fast with durian and it was YUMMY, as always…and then I was ‘full’ of durian instead…or well-satiated at least ;)
I am REALLY excited about the Raw Film Festival coming up in Hollywood this weekend…here is some blurb on it if you haven’t heard abt it yet:

“The Raw Film Festival was conceived as a way to share the positive health benefits that people can experience through a raw vegan lifestyle. The festival will take place Friday, March 16 to Sunday, March 18 at the MOA Japanese Healing Arts Center (8564 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90069). Tickets are available online at”

It’s all kicking off on Friday evening with a press conference and opening reception…we are told there will be many delightful surprises throughout the weekend to enjoy ;) Yeeeeeeee-HAH :) Hope to see you there :)
Ozlem wrote today from his beautiful raw/veggie/vegan café in Montezuma, Costa Rica, to say that he is hiring…He is looking for a like-minded, raw-inspired vibrant being to get creative and experiment in his kitchens at the Organico café. You can see more info about the project and get in contact with Ozlem here: and
This sounds like an amazing opportunity for someone to get down into the sun and lushness of Costa Rica, learn, get creative and connect with other raw beings…enjoy ;)
One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. I’m looking forward to watching your podcast on Life on the Green Side TV. Sounds like you’re becoming a Liquidarian. Enjoying your blog. Keep writing.