Sunday, 4 March 2007

'You're all I need, in get by... ;) '

I sat out in the sun to eat my beautiful green salad today in the middle of the day and was amused to find that a neighbour seemed to have their ‘record player’ jammed on ‘You’re all I need to get by…’ …I felt it as a very sweet message from the universe for me, as I sat soaking up the glorious sunny rays and chomping on my simple lush greens…they are all I really need to get by – sun, happiness, simple food, love, connection with the bigger picture…nothing complicated… I eat very slowly these days – I’m happy to say that I’m a ‘fletcherising’ kind o’gal of late ;)…so, as a result I must have literally sat through about 8 or 9 renditions of ‘You’re all I need to get by’ whole chomping on my greens…it didn’t tire me though, I enjoyed the cosmic giggle – it was like a mantra and a constant re-affirmation of the desire for simplicity that has been further etched into my soul from Feasting…I wanted to share some of the experience with you, so have embedded a YouTube video of the song here (not sure abt the cheesy old vids, but I’m sure ‘Max and 99' means smthg to some of you out there… ;)…if you can’t see/hear it, follow this link:

Today I have had:

700ml water with lime juice
¼ big papaya
1 bowl salad – cut greens, with flesh of an avocado, dulse and lime juice
1.3 litres of celery/red pepper/garlic/orange juice
500ml water
3 small bananas
500ml orange juice
300ml water

I ate another avocado today, in the middle of the day. I opened it and ate some of it plain before using it with the salad. WOW. Phenomenal…I was blown away by HOW good the avo flesh tasted, just as it was…I was reminded of the day 6 or 7 years ago when a friend in Vienna first introduced me to eating avocadoes…I remember that it tasted so bland to me and strange and how we dowsed it with salt to make it ‘edible’…lol…my taste buds have changed so much…I am actually tempted to put avos back into their botanical category of fruits in my head and mono-meal them like I currently do all other fruits since breaking the Feast…it was just sooo great on its own…I added the rest of it to my salad as a dressing and…yes, it was great and yummy, but nothing like the pure creamy magic of eating it straight…wow…one thing I noticed though was that my heart seemed to be beating faster for a while after eating that salad today – it felt as if it was hard work for my body to be dealing with that kind of digesting again…it was adjusting back to it…

There have been some great comments flowing over on the GLiving Forum about Juice Feasting and one writer – ‘Indulge’ – had some great info to…divulge… ;) about prunes, or as they’re now apparently called ‘DRIED PLUMS’...:

“I love prunes actually. I think they have gotten a bad image. Yet who doesn't like plums, and they are a dried plum. Just as good as dried apricots or peaches. And, they just happen to be one of the HIGHEST fruits in anti-oxidants. They are always right up there on the anti-oxidant ORAC lists, yet everyone seems to gloss over them in favor of the blueberries etc. I also love them because they are low glycemic and don't spike my blood sugar like raisons and dates do.
"The prune has changed its name and is now known as the “dried plum”. The Food and Drug Administration approved the change, which was recommended by the California Prune Board. It hopes to shed the prune’s image of a food for the elderly and target it to the young and health conscious. Market surveys show the name change is a winner."

…yeah, baby, prunes are going stylish – I told you – prunes, they’re amazing, they’re so under-rated, they’re the next…cacao ;) lol…watch this space, Wolfie will be moving his oompah-lumpas up to Cali for the plum season this year, I guarantee it ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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