Sunday, 25 March 2007

Durian and the Divine Dance..

WOW…it’s been a blissful couple of days here, involving a LOT of raw ice cream and durian in particular… ;)
We held a raw ice cream party/pot luck on Saturday night and it was soooooooo much fun…I was HIGH on a combo of durian, cacao ice cream, ecstatic dancing and blissed interactions…it was one of those parties where for me, the whole thing felt like it passed in about half an hour, it was so joyful and flowing and I found it very hard to get to sleep afterwards, I was buzzing…cacao opens me so much to the love vibration and l was in bliss ;) It was great fun to share durian and other raw yummies with people who had never tried them before and especially to experiment with giving people spilanthes flowers…ahahahaaaaaaaa – if you have never tried these buds, it’s something that really ought to be experienced ;) they are so incredibly intense, but start out so subtle, then EXPLODE across your taste buds, often leaving the mouth (and mouth-owner) in a semi state of shock…it’s like nothing else I have ever put in my mouth and the reactions watching people try them was just hilarious… :)

On the 24th of March I had:

1 litre water
250ml greens/carrot juice
350g sugar snap peas
500ml green juice
500ml greens/carrot juice
500ml water
500ml spice tea
raw ice cream party mayhem – chocolate, goji bliss, vanilla ice creams, masses of durian, dark chocolate sauce, frozen strawberry sauce…

Today I have had:

500ml water with lemon
samples of citrus fruits at the Farmer’s Market
shot of wheatgrass
3 coconut date rolls
700ml spice tea
500ml green/carrot juice
1.5 durians with raw ice cream
1.5 litres water
1 litre peppermint tea
500ml greens/carrot juice
500ml water

I had one of the most incredible animal encounters of my life today. I met a huge, majestic moth who seemed almost mythical in nature to me…he was absolutely stunning to share space with. I met him coming out of a health food store. He was laying on his side on the floor and looked to be dead. I didn’t want to leave the body there on the street, so went to pick him up with a piece of paper. He began to move and walked himself onto the paper, then my hand and up onto my arm. He was like a tarantula with wings. Big beefy hairy legs and body, the most extraordinary fan-like antennae and a beautiful wing display with eye markings and colours that shimmered and looked like decorations found on a sari…he started to shake dramatically – like a mixture of trauma and kundalini energy rising. I felt so connected to him and in awe, thrilled to be there with him…a crowd of people gathered around to see this amazing creature, before his shaking turned to stumbling forward, raising wings and fluttering up and away into the sky…I clapped and cheered his journey back off into the world and felt very blessed to have enjoyed his presence for a few minutes…hmmmmmmmm…I was inspired to check out what kind of beliefs Native Americans hold about moths and Google gave me a few responses, including… ‘a symbol of rebirth, regeneration, happiness, and joy to Native Americans in Mexico’ and ‘the happy dead in the form of beautiful butterflies would visit their relatives to assure them that all was well.’ Well, whatever meanings these incredible creatures may hold for others, I know that this encounter touched me deeply today…and I would LOVE to know the given name of this creature if anybody out there happens to know…
Ok, I think I’m just about done with durian for now…it’s becoming almost a daily ritual at the moment and I think a break would be great – they are amazing, but sooooooo full of fat, which leaves me sleepy afterwards…went out on a wonderful 6 mile bike ride to re-energise this afternoon, but will be choosing other foods for the next few days methinks ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Your moth is a memeber of the Saturniidae family.....a Polyphemus Moth I believe.....aka Antheraea Polyphemus.....see this link.