Thursday, 1 March 2007

Lunar Liquids...

‘Do you know the way to San Jose?…I’ve been away so long, I may go wrong and lose my way…’ so the song goes…and it felt a bit like that for me today, winding my way back across this beautiful country into the apparent bedlam of the city…lol…felt like I’d been away for a long time, even if it was just a couple of nights – life on the Caribbean coast really works at a different pace – and I like it ;)… I also really enjoyed seeing many healthy people there…Puerto Viejo is a beach town with many surfers and most people look fit and alert and strong – it’s nice to see…some traveller friends I met recently told me that they had in fact been warned not to go to this town, as there were ‘too many beautiful people’ there…lol…I’m not quite sure why that would warrant avoiding a place, but can definitely concur that there seemed to be many fine human specimens on display…also a lot of BIG, pure bred dogs, which is another thing I’m not used to seeing here in CR…Rottweilers, Dobermans, Bull Terriers and so on…well, back to the city now anyway…and also SOOOO happy to be back, if only to tank myself up on celery juice again – had not had any for the last couple of days and was really feeling it…

Today I have had:

400ml water
water and meat of 3 young green coconuts
½ head lettuce
250g pineapple chunks
250g papaya chunks
1 tsp green powder
½ head lettuce
3 small mangoes
1 medium mango
1 litre water
1 litre celery/red pepper/hot pepper/garlic/orange juice

I am relieved tonight – I’ve been feeling quite bloated the last couple of days – water retention and not sure why, then looked to the sky and saw the moon…ahhhhhh, of course – full moon this Saturday – my body always seems to swell in response, as well as interlocking my menstrual cycle with the waxing/waning patterns, as is the case for many women. Our bodies are of course primarily liquid and just as the oceans swell and recede with the cycles of the moon, so too do we…this one is going to be an amazing Full Moon on Saturday – it’s in Virgo, calling us to pay attention to the body and take responsibility for our own health…interesting – precisely the topics I have been thinking and writing about today…it is also going to be a total lunar eclipse…beautiful…read more about it here:

And for any of you reading this and pondering when to begin your OWN Juice Feasting journey, here’s a handy hint from AstroWisdom wonder Lisa Dale that may inspire you:

“…this is the ideal Full Moon to start a weight loss or de-tox program…Virgo rules a desire for purity and cleanliness… celebrating your body as a heavenly gift…”

Yep…no time like the present ;) Get on it, I say – ride this amazing wave of health awareness and go for it :)

One love,
Angel.a xxx

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  1. Dear lovely Gela:

    The bloating may be a sign of the extra adaptation effort your spleen is making to process solids, not only water/moon/menstrual cycles.
    I'm in (blissfully raw) remission of a terminal illness. Candida used to gorge on my body as my immune system had completely shut down. Raw lifestyle is saving my life, but it also makes the body overly yin and the spleen/pancreas/stomach system is prone to sluggishness and water-retaining is the most common symptom of a cold type energy-struggle. Candida is using solids in order to rearm itself.
    I found the way to break my long juicing fasts without bloating, gas passing, energy slumps and edema. 15 drops Citricidal just before meals and a lot of Jin Shin Jyutsu
    Grapeseed Extract is the most wonderful natural antifungal ever.
    Try to eat a little ginger root every day (yang) and to massage yourself both inner ankles (upwards)

    The Jin Shin Jyutsu energy locks between knees, groins and under cheekbones breathing deeply 33 x 2 times works wonderfully. In half an hour almost all retained water flushes away.

    With much love,