Monday, 12 March 2007

Dolphins and Durian... ;)

I have recently put up the answers to some new FAQs on the RawReform website, HERE…including such gems as ‘Does combining cooked food with raw food cause indigestion?’ and ‘I am concerned about my overweight/obese friend/relative, how can I best introduce them to raw?’, plus of course the perennial favourite ‘…But, how do you get enough protein...?’…there’s plenty to poke about in over on that page – check it out ;)…

On Sunday March the 11th I had:

500ml water
1 litre tea
8oz of prunes, soaked
500ml water
samples – bits and pieces of raw crackers, oils, bars, spreads etc
1 litre water
one and a half duriansoooohhhhhhhhhhhh, YEAH… ;)
1 litre water

I spent the day at the Natural Products Expo in LA again…it was amazing – so many wonderful people to connect with, doing and creating amazing things around raw foods and health in general…tried lots of yummy things, then headed from there to get some DURIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN :))) – my first since breaking the Juice Feast…it was absolute, pure, divine, enchanting bliss… ;) soooo much fun…we stocked up on a whole freezer-full of durian, as there was a stack of them in the Asian Supermarket, then took some that were defrosted down to the beach and ate them there, at sunset, watching the dolphins frolicking and gliding in the ocean just beyond us…wow…what a beautiful re-introduction to durian ;) and it was sooooooo yummy and felt so clean in my system – just straight in and digesting…I do love mono-mealing

Then today I have had:

500ml water
500ml tea
500ml green juice
1 small box strawberries with 3 pieces of durian
1 litre water
1 cherimoya blended with 1 avocado and ¼ vanilla bean
1 medium bowl salad – red-vein spinach, beet, radish, shelled peas, avocado, tahini, lemon juice, dulse
1 litre water

…good, nice, things felt simpler again with my food intake today…lots of greens and simple fruit dishes…I love it…getting back into that zone, after a few days of ‘show food’…it has been really warm and blissfully sunny here in Cali today too and that feels like such a lot of nourishing energy for me – it feeds me on so many levels…I am also delighted to be in a place where there is access to an abundance of different organic greens and other fruits/veg…to not feel restricted to a narrow selection, as was mostly the case in Costa Rica for me…
My nose is definitely always more congested these days since breaking the feast…slowly slowly, I edge back into the world of ‘sleep’ in the eyes on waking, mucus in the nose, slightly sore throats in the morning and so on…my skin though seems to me to keep on getting clearer at the moment, which is interesting…I think lots of current clean food and air intake, sunshine and happiness has been nurturing that…

BTW, currently has a piece about my Juice Feasting experience on their front page – you can see it here:

Enjoy ;)
Angela. xxx

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  1. Great job on the FAQ. Now when someone asks me one of these questions I can refer them over to you. Thanks.