Sunday, 18 March 2007

Raw Film Fest FUN :)

This weekend is the Raw Film Festival in Hollywood and I am REALLY enjoying it – it is SO much fun to connect with many other like-minded beings and see what other people have been up to, spreading the raw message…the festival has been so incredibly managed and put together with a huge amount of love…it is a joy for me to be there and enjoy the space…:)

On March the 16th I had:

750ml water
bowl of Lydia’s grainless cereal with blend of banana/tahini/water
1 tsp maca, 2 tsp mesquite powder, 2 tsp goji berries, blended
500g sugarsnap peas
E3 Live shot
500ml green juice
1 litre water
A digestive minefield of BITS ;)

I had some maca earlier in the day with the intention of it hopefully helping my hormones to be a little more balanced – I was feeling a little moody/possibly pre-menstrual/in need of some balance…it seemed to help…munching on the peas was also so yummy – I ate them by the BAG this time last year, straight from the Farmer’s Market – they are sooooo sweet and simple and delicious…nice to get back to them…the foods in the evening turned into a huge digestive minefield for me in contrast…the opening ceremony of the Raw Film Fest was catered by a selection of the FINEST raw chefs in the LA area and it was a truly amazing spread, from the outstanding De La Mamma dish from Au Lac to Melissa’s magical Toon-ah to Good Mood Food’s amazing dessert creations and the incredible cookie-dough-like balls and coconut macaroons from Taste of the Goddess…it was truly a magnificent spread…all the nibbles from the various offerings, though thoroughly enjoyed by my taste buds, created some definite confusion for my stomach…lol… ;) ahhhhh, yes, immersion back into a more complicated ‘raw-in-the-city’ lifestyle choice again…hmmmmm…
The energy of the film festival opening night was blissful for me – all the film-makers introduced their films and the building buzzed with vibrant beings and excitement…shiny eyes, happy smiles, healthy beings connecting and rejoicing together in this life-supporting lifestyle… I LOVE It :)…I spoke a little on 'stage' about my raw background and Juice Feasting and it was so lovely to meet people who have been reading this blog and felt inspired to make shifts in their own lives and to hear how that has spiralled out into new developments and so on – that is such an exciting aspect of spreading the raw message that I enjoy so much – the joy of hearing how those seeds of consciousness go out into the world and resonate on and on – we really cannot know the full impact, but to hear little stories back from people about the impact it has had for them or others around them feels like a wonderful reflection back from the universe… ;)

Today I have had:

500ml water
water of one young Thai coconut
meat of 2 young Thai coconuts
1 tsp green powder
1 tsp maca
50g dulse
500ml green juice
1 raw vegetable enchilada with baby greens
3 dates
1 litre water
100g sunflower greens
1 fuji apple
chocolate haystacks with pecan ice cream

It’s funny when I’m writing out the things that I have had during a day now, I feel sometimes like I need to to explain that all these things are raw – e.g. – RAW ice cream, not standard stuff – it feels very different to how things were when I was recording the juices I’d had in a day, because it was all so much more simple…so, yes, I guess I can just make a big N.B. here to underline the fact that I eat 100% raw food…
I saw a couple of great documentary films at the Raw Film Fest today – ‘Vegan to Raw Vegan’ from New Zealand and ‘Supercharge me – 30 Days Raw’ by Jenna from Florida. They were both testimonial pieces about individuals who took on raw lifestyles for a set number of days and experienced massive healing and regenerative benefits and have since gone on to incorporate this way of living much more into their lives…great stuff…I am SO resonating with videos as a fantastic medium for sharing messages at the moment – I love that with films, it is so easy to tell a whole story in the space of perhaps 90 minutes, which can have a huge and lasting impact on the lives of others in a way that is usually less obvious and immediately impactful with other forms of media, like books…
Looking forward to some more impressive films tomorrow ;)
All love,
Angela. xxx


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