Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Happy Equinox, beautiful people :) whether you’re up in this hemisphere and moving into spring or way down there on the other side of the equator and shifting into autumn, many blessings to you at this time on change…last Sunday was the start of the new moon in Pisces…it is a powerful time for unconditional love, total compassion, and absolute oneness. Yeeeeeeeeeeeee-hah ;) Here is what the fabulous astrologer Lisa Dale has to say about the next couple of weeks:

"This is the New Moon to practice compassion and selflessness by radiating peace and calm through prayer and meditation. Pisces acknowledges our essential connectedness and realizes it through the practice of unconditional love and unwavering compassion. What can you give away? What can you share? The world needs your generosity, your caring, your compassion, and your love.
…this is a great New Moon to commit to a daily meditation practice. Think of it as a gift to set aside time each day to meditate and find the source of inner peace that resides within. This is the New Moon for spiritual awakening!
Pisces is the sign of endings: of letting go for good. Take a hard look at whatever pain you are holding on to; especially if it involves addiction of any kind. Realize that what is done to one is done to all, and create the conditions for peace to grow all around you.
Heal your life and you will make a great contribution toward healing this world. Open your heart, let compassion be your guide and become an active peacemaker. Don't be afraid to do the work of loosening your attachment to self-identification. Love yourself by loving others. We are all in this together, and together we can do the impossible. Be inspired to be a beacon of peace and light for the world. Dive deeply into this powerfully transcendent New Moon cycle.

Wow, I love her writings on the moon cycles – you can read the full piece here: http://astrowisdom.com/thisnewmoon.htm…enjoy ;)

Today I have had:

750ml water
500ml lemon tea
600ml prune soak water
8oz soaked dried prunes
500ml spice tea
300ml water
650ml greens/carrot juice
1.5 durians
500ml spice tea
400ml water

MMMmmmmmmmmm-HMMMmmmmmm, I am BACK in the prunes…and loving it… ;) They just feel so great to me – so clean and simple and cleansing…they definitely didn’t taste as vibrant to me today as they did a few weeks back, immediately after Feast-breaking, but they were great…
So…I’d like to talk about cacao… :) after blogging last night about how I’d had some cacao and it seemed to feel fine and manageable, I ended up being awake until around 4.30am, wired and blissed out…lol…yep…re-learnt that one the long way ;) The upside was that I caught up on a mass of emails, the less optimal aspect was that my body felt dehydrated, over-stimulated and bloated. I love the taste of cacao, but need to take it very gently – it really only takes the tiniest amount of it to stimulate me these days I’m sure, given the cleaner state of my body from Juice Feasting…and yesterday turned out to be waaaaaaaay too much…it felt like the same kind of pattern I used to experience when I drank alcohol – it wasn’t until I stood up from the table that I would realise how much it was affecting me…some friends in Costa Rica call it ‘crackao’ and now I can see (and feel) why… ;)
There is a poll on the RawReform website, HERE, that asks you to define your main feeling after eating cacao…Interestingly, the current results show a tie between these three responses: ‘loved up – like everything is great’, ‘kind of spacey, ungrounded, heart racing’ and ‘just the same as usual’…wow, it’s amazing how our bodies can react so differently to the same substance…I know for me it feels mainly like a stimulant and not something I choose to use every day at this point in my life – I am definitely more interested in fresh whole, water-rich fruits and veg right now…or at least my BODY is – my MIND may well be often in other places, but I am doing my best to bypass the demands of the mind and listen to the messages of the body, as after all, that is the part of me that is mostly fuelled by the physical foods I intake. The mind may dawdle in images and requests for all kinds of things, but unless the body seems genuinely in alignment and ready for that kind of nutrition, I am not going there. This feels like a real gift post-Juice Feast – to be able to separate out those messages much more succinctly and make more informed choices…
All blessings for all our health,
One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Wow thank you for posting that astrology report! I just started a fast for the Equinox!