Monday, 5 March 2007


Don’t worry, I haven’t lost the plot and started back on the cacao brownies quite yet ;) This incredible pic is not from my kitchen today, but rather from the RawReform inbox, where mouth-watering emails have been flooding in all day from readers sharing their favourite recipes for home-made raw treats, as part of this month’s RawReform prize giveaway…on offer are three whole cases of divine raw chocs and treats from the amazing Raw Chocolate Company, based in the UK…
This pic of raw chocolate brownies drizzled with raw strawberry sauce was the entry sent in by Jocelyn in Arizona…WOW…I definitely know where to come for tea if I start to tire of prunes ;) lol…

…to be in with a chance of getting in on the Raw Chocolate giveaway action, all you have to do is email YOUR favourite home-made raw treat info to:…and don't worry, it doesn't have to be as visually stunning as the above entry - we're just interested to know your truth of what you really prepare at home... and the three extremely blessed winners will be drawn at random at the end of the month…yummmmmmmmmy :)

Today I have had:

500ml water
½ medium watermelon
big salad – fine chopped greens: lettuces, dill, plus red pepper, flesh of an avo, dulse leaves and lime juice
500ml water
2.5 litres celery/red pepper/garlic/hot pepper/orange juice

...well, from yummy treats to post-Feast simplicity...The salad I ate in the middle of the day today totally filled me and sustained me for most of the day – it’s so funny for me to look at these lists at the end of the day of these simple fruits and veggies and think that I am so fulfilled by them, when 6 years ago or so, this kind of list would have sufficed for perhaps one meal for me – well, not that it would have been possible to get me to eat these kind of things back then of course…lol…but it’s the quantity that is so interesting to me – how little is needed to feel SO sustained when the assimilation is improved and the foods so nutrient-dense…

I learnt a great new tip recently I’d like to share, from the GLiving Community Forum - : Google Alerts…you can get Google to set up 'alerts' for you, really simply, on anything you choose - e.g, go to and choose:

raw food, raw foods, raw foodist, raw foodists

...or whatever interests you...then every day/week/whatever you choose, you get an email that lists all of the appearances of those terms in news items, on blogs, etc...pretty cool - I just got my first msg from them today abt raw things and there's loads of interesting info in it...

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. The desert in that photo did look yummy! I’m going to try out google alert thing. Thanks for the tip.