Friday, 2 March 2007

Measures of delight...

Some days back, there was a message asking for more recent full-length shots of me – well, here is one taken on the day I broke my feast (green dress, red background), along with a re-post of one from day 1 of my feasting…can you see the difference…?
I actually finally got around to finding some weight/height/BMI scales here to weigh myself again recently and was happy to note that I was 136lbs/62kg (fully clothed) – so had indeed lost around 18lbs while Feasting, as I’d thought…the slightly disturbing news from the scales however was that I am apparently now 5’3” (161cm)…rather than 5’7” (170cm)…hmmmmm, yes, I’ve apparently shrunk 4 inches/9 cms in the last 3 months…lol…well, that would be an unfortunate side effect of juice feasting and one surely worth documenting…I think on this occasion I’ll put that down to computer error though…

Today I have had:

500ml water
1 small watermelon
water and meat from one young green coconut
1 litre celery/red pepper/hot pepper/garlic/orange juice
1 medium papaya
medium salad – cilantro, lettuce, dill, dulse, fresh lime juice, coconut oil
1 litre celery/red pepper/hot pepper/garlic/orange juice

mmmmm, this felt good today – a LOT of greens and non-sweet/sugary stuff – felt good, balancing…I was also really happy that it felt so balanced, as there was quite a lot of challenging things to handle here today with emails and logistics and turning to food in an attempt to handle it was not something that appealed or happened – it was very clear to me how much that would absolutely not help, which is quite a departure from my old patterns and felt clearer than ever before…nice…
I listened to the radio interview I recorded for Tribeca Radio today. It was recorded on the day I broke my Juice Feast, just prior to eating my prunes ;) – in it I discuss my health and history, the Juice Feast, my spiritual experiences, recommendations for others and so on…you can hear it again live at at 1am EST tonight, or listen to it whenever you like, as a podcast, by following this link:

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. You look fabulous and you are such an inspiration to me.