Friday, 9 March 2007


Mmmmmmmmm…woke, a little dazed and confused abt my whereabouts, to a beautiful blue sky, blazing sun and swaying palms on the Cali coast…went out onto the porch and enjoyed my meditation, yoga and writing in the beautiful sun, grounding back into this body after the flights yesterday. It was SO nice to just go and sit outside like that without the obstacles of many doors and gates on the way…that is smthg I won’t be missing abt Costa Rica – security is HUGE there and shuffling through three layers of gates just to get in the front door tends to feel a bit restrictive to me…
I also did some clearing work that felt SO great to me while sitting out there in the sun today. I was suddenly moved to start removing some of the jewelry that was no longer feeling good to me. I have had for many years some kind of ‘policy’ with my jewelry that once on, it does not get removed by me, until it retires itself by breaking in some way. Well, that’s felt like a great policy, but in recent months, especially due to the clearing effects of the Juice Feasting, I have felt myself wanting to remove some things myself, yet not quite feeling the right energy for it. Well, it came this morning. It was time and I removed one chain of beads from my wrist and three necklaces. WOW. The impact this had on my energy field was huge. I felt a great lightening of my being, like a relief and brightening. It felt great – very empowering. All 4 items that I removed held in some way ‘negative’ energy for me from the associations I make in my mind when I look at them – the memories they trigger - and it was time for them to leave my immediate energy field. Hurrah :)

Today I have had:

1 litre water
1lb tangerines
¼ lb spinach
1 small green salad with cilantro/lime dressing
3 fuji apples
1 litre water
3 tbsp hemp seed combined with 2 tbsp pollen
1 avocado combined with 3 small cherimoya and ¼ vanilla bean
400ml water

We cycled along the beach front to the Farmer’s Market this morning…wow…very nice to see all the people out exercising on the beach and enjoying fresh fruit and veg at the market…I bought some wonderful things…the spinach was unbelievably good…it tasted like BUTTER – I had a bag of it, that I started eating like chips and ended up just mono-mealing the whole bag of it and going back to buy more – it was really wonderful, especially after my reaction some weeks back to spinach in Cosra Rica, when my body just didn’t seem to want it anymore…
In the evening I made SUCH a yummy blended dish…avo, cherimoya (see pic) and vanilla bean…yummmmmmmm ;) I was inspired into making it while locked out of the house for a few hours today – I sat and thumbed through ‘Sunfood Diet Success System’ and saw the avo/cherimoya blend recipe…then added some vanilla to it too, which intensified the delicate flavours…wow…it was seriously delicious ;) So sweet and soft and gentle feeling – like baby food somehow…it was the first time I’ve eaten more than one type of fruit at a time since breaking the feast, but I was very happy to do so, as it was soooo satisfying and didn’t feel at all like a difficult thing for the body to digest…yummm…
I also cycled about 8 miles today I think – felt good, especially after sitting on a plane most of yesterday…I cycled at night though too and was shocked at how COLD it is here once the sun goes down – I had on 4 layers on top, plus a woolen hat, mittens and a scarf and was still cold…indeed, haven’t felt so cold in a very very long time…brrrrr...
One love,
Angela. xxx


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