Tuesday, 6 March 2007


SOOOOOOO, what do you think of the new blog layout? I guess many of you read this by email update, actually, so you won’t be used to seeing the actual RawReform Blog page…but it was overhauled today and I’m really pleased with it – check it out HERE… ;)
Today was my last full day in Costa Rica, for the time being…ahhhhh, it’s been a wonderful time here for the last 4 months or so for me…I feel very blessed and give much gratitude for all that I’ve experienced here – it’s been a wonderful place to pass winter and Juice Feast…and tomorrow…back to the lights and bustle of LA…yeeeeeeeee-HAH ;) I’m excited to be going back to the US for many reasons…especially the upcoming Natural Products Expo West at Anaheim this weekend and the first ever Raw Film Festival the weekend after – 16th-18th March, in Hollywood…both events look INCREDIBLE and I am really excited to go and have fun there and hopefully connect with some of YOU maybe too, along the way ;)

Today I have had…

500ml water
½ medium watermelon
500ml water
one avocado with lime juice, lettuce leaves and dulse
three small bananas
water of one old coconut
350ml chard juice
water of 2 old coconuts
¼ medium watermelon

yeaaaah, pretty simple intake today…I like it…wow…had a load of chard to use up, so decided to have it straight, with coconut water as a chaser…it was…intense…too much actually for me to drink all of it that I made, so I ended up using the foam of it on my face and the rest of the liquid as an implant in an enema…interestingly, my body did not seem to much appreciate the greens as an enema…it did not want to hold them in at all – felt ‘too strong’ somehow…indeed, the only other time I’ve ever used greens in an enema before, I had an out-of-body experience, so…it seems with the amazing absorption power of the colon, using strong things can have very big impacts for this body…

Alright, alright, I get the message :) lol…the amazing Brownie pic from yesterday’s blog seemed to stir much enthusiasm, judging by the recipe requests from readers today – and, blessed as we are, the budding creator of the piece - Jocelyn in AZ - has opened her recipe files to share this yummy treat with one and all…so, just follow this link:

and you’ll find all you need to know about how to make ‘Jocelyn’s Choco-nut Brownie’…thanks for sharing, Jocelyn ;)

News Target sent out a great new link today – for the all-new ‘Disease Mongering Engine’…lol…this ingenious new device “instantly generates disease names that sound similar to the fictitious disorders and syndromes dreamed up by drug companies and modern psychiatry.” Try it yourself at:

Here’s the result that I got…
Reactive Erectile Sleep Syndrome With Facial Tic (RESSWFT)
RESSWFT involves explosive, emotional behavior and responses surrounding the unexpected and unplanned stimulation of sexual organs when sleeping, worsened by involuntary facial muscle spasms.

Eeeeeeeeek…sounds dangerous… ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Pathological Depressive Depersonalization Dysfunction With Flashbacks (PDDDWF)

    PDDDWF involves obsessive and harmful thoughts and behaviors correlating with a pessimistic mood and emotional outlook with a dissociative view of self, complicated by sudden intrusions of traumatic memories.

    OMG! I so have this! Give me a pill.