Friday, 30 March 2007

4 Day Liver Cleanse Commences...

I started a 4 day liver cleanse today... :) I'm excited about it,
especially as it is a juice fasting liver cleanse, so I'm back in a
liquid, my body soooooo LOVES being on juice - first day down and feeling great - really energised and delighted...I've done a few liver cleanses in the past and never got any stones or anything out - just sludge, so after my Juice Feasting, I'm interested to see if anything's different this time is a little video I made today to start the process and I'll try to post smthg daily for the next few days, to check in on the unfolding of this particular juicy process...(

Yesterday, on March 29th I had:

500ml water with lemon juice
500ml spice tea
500ml orange/grapefruit juice
500ml greens/carrot juice
500ml water
700ml mint tea
500ml water
250ml greens/carrot juice
6 satsumas
1 banana
amazing raw gourmet meal – including Thai red curry, jicama ravioli, raw ‘pizza’, chocolate brownie with coconut ice cream
1 litre water

We ate in the evening at the fabulous Cru Restaurant in LA...wowowowowwww...such a
wonderful place - and the owner tells me she went into raw after finding inspiration on RawReform - nice ;) ...their raw creations are just divine...the pizza and
raw choc brownie in particular are exceptional - fantastic place to
take someone who is transitioning, or new to raw...and they had this
incredible fig 'pate' made from figs blended with agave and
coriander...creative, beautiful, delicious...YUMM ;)

Today I have been back on the liquids and have had:

500ml water
500ml spice tea
1 litre water
500ml orange/grapefruit juice
500ml beets/carrots/greens/turmeric juice
1 litre cucumber/celery/apple juice
1 litre apple juice
700ml beet/carrot/cucumber juice
water of one Thai coconut with 1 tsp green powder
500ml dark leafy greens juice
300ml water

I guess it must seem bizarre to some people that I would even WANT to be on juices again so soon after a 3-month Juice Feast - but I am really delighted to be back in a fluid framework..a friend I was talking to about juicing today could not imagine feeling 'liberated' by drinking juice as I was describing - from his perspective, it looks restrictive and minimal - whereas from my point of view, it feels open, expansive and nourishing...I love how we can all view the same thing so differently ;)…liver cleansing does not usually involve juice fasting, this is just a kind of 'hardcore' version we decided to try out...lots of gurgling and moving about in my insides today – I am really curious to see what kind of results this liver cleanse will have on this body, after all these years raw and the Juice Feasting now too…when I was recently doing some colon cleansing, the phrase that kept rising to my consciousness was ‘hepatic flexure’ – the point where the liver meets the colon…so, perhaps there is some healing yet to unfold in that area in particular…we shall see…
I’d love to share the info that tomorrow – Saturday the 31st March, will see ‘Earth Hour’ – where for one hour, people all over the world will turn off their electricity supply, simultaneously, to demonstrate concern about climate change – you can read more about participating and find the designated time for earth hour in your area, here:… ENJOY the down time ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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