Monday, 19 March 2007

Celebrations :)

Yesterday was the final day of the outstanding Raw Film Festival in Hollywood and it was a magical time…above are some of my pics from the closing ceremony in a slide show…

On Sunday March 18th I had:

1.5 litres water with lemon juice
1 papaya
500ml water
70g sunflower greens
2 fuji apples
1 litre water
1 plate of yummy dishes from GoodMoodFood, including pesto pasta, spinach quiche and a wonderful fresh salad, followed by a selection of miniature dessert treats.
1 litre water

The final day of the festie was SO much fun – I saw some phenomenal films, the most impactful for me being ‘Birth as we Know It’, which I am SO awed by…this film shares the wonder of natural child birth and the shocking contrast between the magic of that and standard birthing procedures, especially caesarians, which now account for apparently around 1 IN 3 births in the US :O… This film totally blew me away and I would love it to be mandatory viewing for all those intending to bring another soul into this world…
I enjoyed eating really lightly throughout the day, especially in counter-balance for what I anticipated would be a more ‘complicated’ meal at the evening gala for the closing of the festival…as it turned out, the catering provided by the lovely Ursula of GoodMoodFood felt well-balanced to me and pretty gentle on the digestion. I was very impressed. I feel it is quite some task to provide food for a whole hall of raw fooders, many of whom have very specific food requirements and to make it yummy, satisfying and appealing to all present, from the seasoned 100% raw foodist to the raw newbie…I feel they did an amazing job.
The award ceremony and entertainment were so enjoyable. I LOVE the feeling of family and community I experience when at these events – meeting other members of this amazing and growing raw tribe…we danced and sang and connected and celebrated…
Considering that this was the first ever raw film festival and that the intention at the beginning was simply to put on a few films, it is quite incredible to see how it actually manifested in the end – the work, love and enthusiasm poured into this event was truly incredible and I for one left feeling totally inspired to get out there and film more – it is such an incredible medium for sharing this message ;) Thanks so much to Dorit and everyone else for creating and enjoying such a wonderful event…

Today – March 19th – I have had:

1 litre water
600ml greens/carrot juice
700ml berry tea
4 kiwi fruits
1 litre water
500ml spice tea
‘Green Glow’ soup with flax crackers and sugar snap peas
1 tbsp coconut oil/cacao/honey blend
500ml water
600ml intense green juice
kale salad with avo, tomatoes, dulse
1.5 tbsp cacao mixtures
500ml Treasure Tea
500ml water

Wow, today has been a very green day…after the more complicated festival foods this weekend, it felt good to get very green again and very ‘live’ with most of the foods I took into my body today – except for the cacao mixtures and flax crackers, everything I had was a whole, water-rich food and that felt really great, along with a good amount of liquids…I feel empowered by my food choices right now…it feels really easy for me to get really caught up in my head and preoccupied by food issues, post-Feast, but the more I let go of it, breathe deeply and keep things simple, the easier it is…the mischievous cacao monster has clearly started to work its way back into my life, but currently feels manageable, whereas at points in the past it has felt pretty wild to me...I am happy to have just a little of it here and there and not get too involved with it now - it is the water-rich fruits and veggies that feel more 'true' as fuel for my body now - my body calls for simplicity, even if my MIND asks for fun and stimulation - even blending together the lovely green soup ingredients today - apples, ginger root, spinach, sunflower greens, spirulina, lemon juice, water - felt odd to me - the ingredients were very water-rich and 'clean' - that was not an issue, but the action of blending them seemed peculiar - like my body was unimpressed with that technique - it just didn't seem to resonate as 'natural' - like my body would have preferred to receive the foods whole...I find it very interesting to observe these bodily messages...
I’m also still keen to hear about YOUR favourite home-made raw treats for this month’s RawReform giveaway…if you want to be in with a chance of winning one of three cases of YUMMY chocolate treats from the wonderful Raw Chocolate Company, just email details of how you make YOUR favourite home-made raw treat to: and the three blessed winners will be drawn at random at the end of March…yummmmmmmmmy :)

All love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. I’m so happy the raw food festival was a success. Perhaps I’ll see you there next year.