Thursday, 15 March 2007

SOG - Save Our Gojis... ;)

Today I ate a few goji berries for probably the first time since breaking my Juice Feast…they were nice and got me thinking abt the bizarre news I recently saw on NewsTarget that the UK Food Standards Agency is apparently trying to stop the sale of these raw food marvels…gojis have boomed in popularity in the UK in the last year, but apparently may not be deemed as meeting European Union food standards. The NewsTarget article states that:

“To avoid a goji berry ban, evidence needs to be shown that they regularly had been eaten by Britons before May 1997, the month and year that EU regulations came into effect that change how "new foods" are approved.”

…yeeeeees…quite how that evidence is going to be produced before March 23rd – the cut-off date – I’m not quite sure, but am very interested to hear more if anyone knows more about how this matter is unfolding…if they are banned in the next couple of weeks, it will apparently be 2 years before it is possible to begin selling them again…eeeeeeeeeeek ;)

Today I have had:

750ml water with lemon juice
600ml herbal tea
500ml green/carrot juice
200g strawberries, 500g cherimoya, handful dried figs
small salad: spinach, cilantro, flax oil dressing, 3 little Luna crackers from Lydia’s Organics – yummmmmmm ;)
500ml water
1 persimmon and a tbsp goji berries
1 litre water
3 nori sushi wraps
1 banana
500ml herbal tea
400ml water

I am noticing the difference in hydration in my body now that I’m not having celery juice daily. It makes a big difference to me, especially here in a warm environment during the days…I find I am drawn to drink a lot of water in compensation, which is fine by me :) I’ll try to get back on to the celery again – have just been adjusting to life in another new place these last few days and not got round to integrating that yet…celery juice is said to be 4 times as hydrating as water, so having had a head of it a day for almost every day of the last 3 months was an amazing gift to my body and it now longs for it again…
Went out for a jog/walk today in this area – that felt so great to me, to ground myself down more into this environment…I met many beautiful creatures on the way – hawks, rabbits, cats, a cow, sheep and lizards, flowers, trees – it’s so healing for me to get out and explore in nature on my own, to reconnect… I love it, taking it at my own pace, stopping to examine this flower or that tree...when I was larger, I was always so busy trying to keep up with other people on walks that I did not really engage with my surroundings much – it feels so great to me to do that now…
Hmmmmmmmm, ENJOY :)
One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Angela - this is curious to me. What exactly is it about goji berries that would trigger a ban of them? What is the reason behind this "banning" idea? I'm still learning about all the benefits of specific foods . . . Thanks.