Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Happy 100th :)

Ladies and Gentlemen...I am delighted...(and surprised) announce that this is the 100th blog entry on the RawReform never really anticipated it would get so ingrained into my life...but, I'm enjoying the sharing, so...on we go ;)

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-HAH…well, here I am, back in the US and LOVING IT :)…ahhhhhhhhh, I do SO appreciate the energy here – I had SUCH a great day travelling back here yesterday, re-entering into the powerful vibe of abundance and joy I experience in this country…I love the feeling of open expansiveness and was grinning most of the day…people seem so very friendly and talk to me everywhere I go...I love it :)

March the 7th, I had:

600ml water
600ml celery/red pepper/garlic/orange juice
water of 5 young coconuts
700ml water
meat of 5 young coconuts
1 litre water
½ tsp pollen

Hmmmmmm…so, I packed a whole little cooler bag of salad and fruit etc for my journey today, but then left it in my friend’s car at the airport…lol…hmmmm…what to do…? Well, I went out onto the street and found a guy selling coconuts and had a great time there instead ;) It was fun – I arrived at his place just as lots of guys who work in the airport came out on their morning break to get a drink from him – it was very sweet to see them all bustling over for coconuts and bags of fresh juice and they seemed very amused to see me there too, sitting on some rocks, happily drinking a whole line up of coconuts…they helped me smash the cocos open and off I went, with a bag full of coco halves...
My flights were just great – I was feeling fantastic and excited to be heading back to the US and feeling a lot of love and joy and very much in my heart and in the flow…I stood at the back of the plane at a couple of points and felt such joy looking down the aisle, at all the little heads of all the little humans, flying through the sky together. I love those moments – when I can feel us all as parts of the bigger whole, one big family and feel my love for and unity with each and every one. I breathe deeeep and send love and blessings through the scene before me. The energy coming through me felt very very strong and buzzing with joy. When I left the States back in November to go to Costa Rica, the main intention that was in me was to Juice Feast and take wonderful care of my own health and well-being for some months – which is what I have been doing – and it felt really great to have done that and now be heading back on up to the US again…
Something I found bemusing on the flight was the adverts I saw as I flicked through the inflight mags…they seemed to circle around the theme of illness and doctors…it was quite extraordinary and I’ve never seen anything like it in fact – guess I’m just not used to American media…so many adverts along the lines of ‘I had cancer and this hospital treated me’, 'thank goodness this miracle drug has been created because my heart disease was...etc etc' - so many of them - MOST of the ads in fact...quite bizarre to me and highlighted again for me the massive potential of raw foods to help shift SO many things in terms of peoples' health and society in general...
So...looking forward to another 3 great months here – and hope to meet some more of you along the way… ;)
One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Great milestone. 100 blog entries. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.