Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Life on the other side...

Huge promoters of all things green and glorious - Green Living - today have my JUICY story up on their front page...if you go there and follow the links about Juice Feasting, you'll find this fabulous article they put together describing Feasting:

I was really impressed with this article - they really put some nice info in there ;) hurray for the GMonkey, spreading the word...

Today I have had:

water of 4 DELICIOUS young green coconuts
a big slice of watermelon
1 medium papaya
1 litre water
small green salad - parsley, cilantro, dulse, fresh orange juice squeezed over as dressing
water AND MEAT of 2 young coconuts
one small watermelon
500ml water

WOW - the young cocos here are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO delicious - the ones by the beach are sweetest and absolutely mineral-packed - feel fantastic to today I ATE the meat from 2 of them - first time since getting to CR, due to the Juice Feasting - simple and tasty and easy on my body - all feels easy on my body right now, the foods I'm choosing - mono-mealing with fruits, getting my greens in...loving it...
ahhhhhhhhhhh, what a beautiful day...I woke by the beach and went out to collect shells, drank loads of yummy coconuts, then hired a bike and went for a 12km bike ride along the beautiful here...and HOT...sat on the beach and ate a whole papaya and ended up a sticky mess of sand and sea water and sweat and felt great to get so much exercise though, with all the biking...
Two things I am noticing are different about this body since stopping feasting are that:

1. I seem to often have phlegm in my throat upon waking...this is quite curious, as I'm not consuming anything different than while I was feasting, in terms of ingredients...the only real difference is the fact that now some of it is solids and some, I find that very interesting, that my body can take in the same foods, in a different form and produce mucus/phlegm as a result...

2. I have started setting off car on purpose you seems as if my energy field has become bigger or more powerful or something, as I literally rarely take a walk anywhere these days without setting off alarms as I walk along the's quite bizarre and I find it very interesting also...

one love,
Angela. xxx


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