Tuesday, 27 February 2007


I´M IN THE CARIBBEAN... :)well...kind of...I´m on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica at least :)I have wanted to come over here the entire time I´ve been in CR and today...was the day...I LOVE IT...SUCH a different vibe over here - strong Caribbean Island influences, a lot of rastas and music and art and a really laid-back-vibe..PLUS...it turns out the woman who runs the guesthouse I´m staying at is raw...lol...I do love the way the universe works :)
I am looking at the Caribbean Sea again for the first time in about 10 years and feeling really relaxed and great...people are friendly and the amount of available coconuts is quite absurdly abundant...Hurrah...

Today I have had...

1 litre water
500ml beet-carrot-beet green-chard juice with water of one old coconut
400ml orange juice
1 mango
1 pack sugar cane sticks
1 small green salad - parsley, cilantro, dulse, fresh orange juice and coconut oilç
400ml water
1-2 watermelon
500ml water

wow, travelling feels quite a bit easier again, post-Feasting...just to buy a watermelon and eat it for example, without juicing first - feels nice...I do so love being on the road...I mean literally, the journey part of it - the travelling - once it starts, I find I don´t want it to end - there is something that resonates with me so much...I feel liberated and comforted by the space I feel and seeing all the sites from the window and so on...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, wonderful times...

A guy is playing ´Redemption Song´ out in the street...I´m off to enjoy :)
Angela. xxx


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