Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Feast-Breaking Vid Online :)

Alrighty then, as promised, the video of me breaking my Juice Feast yesterday is now online for your viewing pleasure ;)
Here is the link:

and I have also embedded it below for those of you whose browsers will allow you to see it that way…

It has been so much fun to share this message with the world and put this video out there today – thank you all SO much for all the wonderful feedback – it has been quite amazing…
Many people have been asking about my eyes – yes, they do seem to have become more blue and clearer over the last years of being raw and especially over these last 3 months of juicing…it’s definitely another nice side effect ;)

Today I have had:

400ml (1.5 cups) water with lemon juice and ginger root powder
850ml (3.5 cups) celery/red pepper/garlic/orange juice
500ml (1 pint) prune soak juice
600ml (2.5 cups) water
1 pack sugar cane sticks
water of one old coconut with green powder
1 litre (1 quart) pineapple/celery/red pepper juice
300ml (1.25 cups) water

which makes…about 4.3 litres of liquids today or…1.14 gallons

So…bowel movements…after having the prunes yesterday, I was ‘due’ to have a bowel movement (BM) around 3-6 hours later…well…it didn’t happen that way for me, so the next step then is to take some cascara sagrada to stimulate peristalsis. I was a little cautious of doing that before going to sleep last night though, so left it until this morning…plus had yummy water with lemon juice and ginger root powder too to encourage more movement…which all did indeed stimulate a BM…
Then onwards with more prunes after that…they taste sooo great to me – so simple and delightful, friendly…I could not in fact finish the whole 7oz/200g in one sitting today – felt too much – which is quite a novelty for me – to feel that kind of thing and acknowledge it and not just finish it all at once. I ate abt 2/3rds, then left the rest for later, when they actually looked appealing again. I had been kind of intending to increase to 2 packets of them today, but there just was no need – my body didn’t need any more than that. I feel my Feast-breaking process may in fact take longer than the ‘recommended’ 6 days, as I’m just so enjoying taking it slowly – don’t feel any need to rush back into solids – nothing I’m hankering for…so for the next few days at least I’ll likely keep it very simple still…I just can't imagine right now being at a point in 4 days time where I'm back to eating full salads...which I'm happy about - I'm much happier to be feeling like this than to be magnetised to the fridge and frantically re-emerging myself in solids, which had been a fear for me - ahhhhhh, the releasing joys of just sharing those fears - getting them out, then watching the energy dissipate out of them :)
I also noticed today how my body seemed to want water very soon after having the prunes – it was like it was a shock to have smthg that solid – not liquids – and it was asking for more water to try to handle this new input…
It’s so funny for me to observe myself – how slow and methodical and detached from solid food I am right now – I find I still avoid fibre like it’s a hazard or smthg…lol…like this evening when I was making juice, some of the pineapple pulp fell back into the juice and I immediately went to grab it out, as if it would jeopardize everything, before realising that actually, fibre’s back on the menu now…I think that’s going to take some getting used to again now – I’ve been really re-trained these last 3 months…

All love,
Angela. xxx


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