Monday, 26 February 2007


My new e-book – A Juice Feaster’s Handbook – is ready for download NOW on the RawReform site :)
I am soooooooooooooooo happy and relieved to have this completed and ready for people to access – the response has been HUGE to this whole Juice Feasting process and I’m delighted to be able to share the info that people are really wanting and needing, all in one package
Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered the book…hopefully you have all happily received it by now by email and are rapidly absorbing its juicy info…the 6 WINNERS have also now been selected at random for the ‘Post-Feast FEAST’ prize giveaway of YUMMY raw treat gift packs…and I’m thrilled to be able to announce that the lucky winners ARE…


…Representing the UK/Europe/right-of-the-Atlantic tribe, we have:

Nadine Coulson
Jane Marriott
Julia Barnes

…and on the left side of the Atlantic, we have the oh-so-lucky:

Linda Stockton
Joyce Jackson
Sharon Danukos

CONGRATULATIONS and FELICITATIONS to you all…your prizes will be winging their way to you soon – ENJOY :)

So, as you perhaps noticed, in the furore of e-book finalising, blogging fell by the sideline yesterday, so, here’s how it went…

On Feb 25th I had:

500ml water
500ml prune soak water
200g/7oz soaked prunes
1 litre celery/red pepper/garlic/orange juice
3 small papayas
green salad – lettuce, cilantro (coriander), basil, hemp oil, lime juice, dulse flakes
1 litre water
½ tbsp coconut oil w/dulse flakes
water of 2 old coconuts with green powder
500ml water

…this was Day 6 of Feast-Breaking for me – officially the last day of the Feast-Breaking Protocol, which spreads out over 6 days…and…all went well :) I’m delighted in fact with how smoothly it has gone…the only thing that slightly disturbs me to see is that as soon as I eat a salad, like I’ve been having the last couple of days, my mind automatically then wants something sweet afterwards – it wants dessert – that’s how I’ve always eaten, all my life – dessert after a meal, so, that habit has been poking its head back round the door now that solids are back on the menu…I’m not very interested in letting it in though…maybe now and then for a visit, but not to stay ;) It just doesn’t serve me so well to mix too many foods into the same blend, so, catching these kinds of patterns NOW, before they start to deepen and get re-rooted again is the best thing I feel I can do to honour my new state of health…

Lots of people have been laughing about the prunes ;) lol…I know, I know…they don’t really have much ‘sex appeal’…and I’m sure we can all think of things that sound much more exciting to break a lengthy Feast with, but hey, it works ;) and they’re yummy…I think prunes are overlooked…I’m willing to become an ambassador for prunes…;) besides which, I’ve spent most of my life looking for excitement and fulfilment in food – I don’t necessarily want to choose to do that anymore…so, choosing this path of concentrating much more on the healthy, body-fuelling aspect of what I broke this Feast with than the emotion-fuelling aspect was vital for me…
Something else I noticed, while eating the papayas, was HOW much easier the fruit sugars felt to my body eaten as a WHOLE food – wow – such a difference…I really came to understand from a whole-body perspective the saying to ‘eat your fruits and drink your vegetables.’ The fruits WITH the fibre intact just seem like such a more balanced package, letting the fibre off-set the impact of the sugar-rush…the papayas were ABSOLUTELY DIVINE…yuummmmm :)

And so, to today – Feb 26th…it is 100 days today since I started Juice Feasting…that kind of puts a cap on it for me…I had always looked on it as a 100 day process, more or less, to include both the juicing and the Feast-Breaking protocol…so…today was really like my first day back in the ‘real’ world…hello :) …nice to be back…

Here’s what I had:

300ml water
500ml prune soak water
200g/7oz soaked prunes
1 litre water
1 pack sugar cane sticks
water of one old coconut with green powder
1 small honeydew melon
750ml red pepper/garlic/orange juice
green salad (lettuce, cilantro, basil) with dulse leaves and coconut oil
250ml water

Ok, so I want to get smthg clear – MANY people write asking me which fasting/retreat centre I have been staying at here in Costa Rica… I haven’t been at a centre here…I’m just living here in a house and juicing :) That’s one of the JOYS of juice FEASTing rather than fasting – it is so user-friendly – it’s designed to be something that people can do in their homes, while getting on with ‘normal life’…unlike a more traditional fast, where one might end up feeling weak/incapacitated etc and prefer to be supervised in a centre – FEASTing is all about masses of fuel and being FUNctional ;) and hey, now my Juicing HANDBOOK is out there, you can read ALL about it and get juicing yourself if you feel so inclined…;) That’s not to say of course that it’s not a wonderful experience to share this with others at centres and I’ll definitely be holding space for more and more events like that in the future – starting in Michigan this April – but I just want to make it clear that this is smthg anyone can access, in their own homes – you don’t have to be in Costa Rica (though it definitely is fun ;)…

One love,
Angela. xxx


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