Sunday, 4 February 2007

Hybridized Humans...

I woke today with hybridization on my mind…I’ve been reading a lot lately about hybridized fruits and started to consider humans this morning from a similar standpoint…
Hybridised fruits have been altered to such a degree that they will not normally actually survive if left out in the wild…they are so ‘over-sweet’ and dependent on chemicals to ‘protect’ them…which strikes me as rather similar to the case of most people in western societies these days...the majority of us seem so very disconnected from nature, we would also quite likely die out pretty quickly if taken out to live in the wild…
It's so great to me to see the organic food movement continually grow, yet also quite bizarre to see the concurrent demand that these foods are very clean, 'natural' and free from chemicals, while many people go ahead and eat these foods, yet pollute their OWN clothes/skins/bodies/houses etc with chemicals and pollutants...from this perspective, we seem to care more about the plant's health and protection from chemicals than our's like there's a blindness to the ongoing weakening of our own organisms...
so, I really wonder how the other animals here see us…fellow animal? Crazy? Dangerous? Weak? Silly? Confused? Hmmm…well, I suppose most animals are likely indifferent to our circles and cycles…they’ve got their own stuff to focus on…I would be so curious though to view a human from a different perspective…like an otter…or zebra…or toucan… :)

Today I have had…
500ml (1 pint) water
600ml (2.25 cups) orange juice with hemp oil
1.6 litres (1.6 quarts) pineapple/red pepper/celery juice
1 tbsp pollen
1.3 litres (1.3 quarts) watermelon juice
500ml (1 pint) coconut water w/greens
1.5 packets sugar cane
750ml (3 cups) water
1.5 litres (1.5 quarts) orange juice
900ml (3.5 cups) pineapple/cilantro/chard

which is…hmmmmm…abt 7.65 litres of liquids today or…around 2 gallons…wow…it didn’t feel like that…quite a lot of water I guess…

Some more of your questions answered…

...what does "LOL" mean??
hmmmmm, I’m sorry…guess that’s a term not everyone’s familiar with – LOL stands for ‘Laugh Out Loud’, as I use it on this blog… (you can substitute that with ‘Lots Of Love’ too if you like ;) I have a long-running aversion to exclamation marks, as you may perhaps have noticed…so, I prefer to use ‘LOL’ to express my amusement :)
I also like this little trick I recently learnt :


...looks like a heart if you view it from the side… :)

You talked about doing a parasite cleanse around day 60? what does it consist of? and do you find thats its working?
Aaaaaaah, yes, the parasite cleanse…as it happens, I have not yet begun mine, as it did not arrive in the post yet…when I DO get access to it, I will be using the ‘Parastroy’ kit, as recommended by David Rain. There are VERY many different parasite cleanses on the market. This one is simple to use, very affordable (around $12) and effective, apparently. It has two parts – one to mainly clean the intestines out and the other more focused on clearing parasites and re-building. Only the second part is needed by this point into juice feasting. I look forward to using it when it arrives and will definitely report how it goes for me…

one love,
Angela. xxx


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