Tuesday, 6 February 2007

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My hair is changing colour. It’s strange and most probably imperceptible to anyone who doesn’t know me well, but it’s definitely different. It has a lot more reddish and blondish tones to it than I’ve seen for a very long time…this used to happen at the front of my hair in the summer sun as a child…guess maybe it’s that coming back, rather than a juicing side-effect ;) …it’s funny to see though – my friend who was visiting last week noticed it immediately and I have since been seeing it more and more…

Today I have had…

750ml (3 cups) water
400ml (1.5 cups) orange juice
1 packet sugar cane
500ml (1 pint) OJ with hemp oil
1.2 litres (1.2 quarts) pineapple/celery/red pepper/chard juice
1.2 litres (1.2 quarts) watermelon juice
½ tsp green powder
½ tbsp kelp with cayenne
I packet sugar cane
½ tbsp coconut oil
900 ml (3.5 cups) pear/celery/parsley juice

which makes about…5.2 litres juice today or…abt 1.37 gallons

I started using another different juicer today – a ‘Juiceman Junior’ centrifugal ejection model that I borrowed from a friend’s place. Hmmmmm…well, I’m definitely happy to have something to be using, but it also so clearly shows me the differences in machine quality and performance. It leaves a lot of pulp and even whole pieces of veggies behind. I squeeze everything through a nut milk bag afterwards and loads more juice comes out. I also came to a realization today that making juice with a blender takes more energy to cut all the produce down before use, but less clean-up time, whereas making juice with a juicer is the reverse. I can just take the stuff straight out of the fridge and start juicing with a juicer, but then there’s quite a lot of cleanup afterwards…
I did the watermelon juice today totally by hand. I just cut it down into very small pieces, threw them all in the nut milk bag and squeezed. A friend of mine raised the point to me recently that this is really a much more body-friendly approach than using a juicer or blender. The liquid has been barely oxidised and instead just squeezed by hand, straight into a jar to drink – it likely contains much more immediately recognisable information than watermelon juice, even from the same fruit, that has been prepared with a juicer or blender. I like that concept...

Some more of your questions answered…

just a quick question, whats the deal with the coconut water? is that the same as coconut milk? also, i dont usually weigh myself, though i was wondering if you have lost any weight doing this feast. ?

Yes, coconut water/milk is the same thing – the liquid that comes out of the coconut. Yes, I’ve lost weight during this feast – at least 15lbs…I think more – have not weighed myself for a couple of weeks – maybe more like 18lbs in total…

This morning saw really sunny, gorgeous warm weather over San Jose and I was fortunate enough to be invited on a short trip out into the mountains with my landlady…it was so lovely to get out into the morning sun and fresh mountain air, surrounded by greenery, for an hour or so, before returning to the city and the tasks of the day…mmmmm…I’m really a country girl at heart… ;)

One love,
Gela. xxx


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