Friday, 23 February 2007

Going for Green ;)

The Juice Feast Breaking video I put out earlier this week was today added to Al Gore’s Current TV site – you can see it with the link below and if you click on ‘Give it a Greenlight’, it will increase the video’s ranking and help get it onto TV, to spread the raw healing message even further…So, go on, give it some greens ;)

Today I have had:

600ml (2.5 cups) water
600ml (2.5 cups) celery/red pepper/garlic/orange juice
½ a medium watermelon
4 small mangoes
1 tbsp green powder
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp dulse flakes
water of three young green coconuts
400ml (1.5 cups) swiss chard and pineapple juice
250ml (1 cup) water

which is about…2.7 litres of liquids or 0.7 GALLONS…eeeeeeeek – under a gallon, for the first time since November…wow, that's a shock…but I guess the juicy fruits are giving me so much water in a different form that I don’t feel the need for so much actual liquid…
Eating the watermelon today, out in the sun, was such a lovely experience…I just LOVE the structure of watermelon – especially when I can see all the patterns and colours in it in the sunlight…and sinking my teeth into it, crunching on the yummy seeds and so on after all this time – it was blissful…
I also drank the greens/pineapple drink along with some of the coconut water at the same time – I named this drink ‘Green-a Colada’ and it was yummy :)

Today I have been continuing to enjoy this unfolding new life of simple food choices…and I am repeatedly reminded of things that Matt Monarch introduced me to last year…he would often emphasise the importance of not ‘overlapping’ meals – i.e., allowing one meal to digest before eating anything else…and I never really understood it at the time…but now I am at a point where this body feels so clean and sensitive that I finally feel I can really integrate what he was saying, because I can totally experience it for myself now…back then I still felt so full of ‘junk’ inside that it was hard for me to associate with what he was describing, but now, at this point of ‘cleanliness’, I simply don’t want to create digestive issues for myself by adding in complex mixtures of anything…I am sure that over the coming weeks my intake will get gradually more complicated, but right now, this feels amazing…so, thanks Matt :) I get it now…

I am also happy to note at the moment that I do not feel any ‘dampening down’ of my energy or depression etc, since starting back with solids – in fact, if anything, quite the contrary – I feel great and even a bit more energised perhaps…I’m definitely happy to observe that, as people often seem to report going into a slump after juicing for extended periods then starting solids again…ahhhhhhhhhhhh, life is good :)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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